Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank you, Dawn McVey & Card Creations 7!

How have you been, lovely friends in blog-land! It's been far too long since I've sat down to talk to y'all! I hope your summer is not too hot, but lush and lovely and full of fun crafts and cool lemonade! I was inspired to get a card on my blog today to thank the lovely and talented, Dawn McVey, for picking me {randomly, but no less LUCKY!} as the winner of her Card Creations 7 magazine give away! It made my day for a whole host of reasons. In this day and age, good luck can really make the sun shine much more brightly! I loved basking in such lovely rays, so... {what does any red-blooded card maker gal do....?} I MADE DAWN A THANK YOU CARD!

I'm still enjoying my western style stamps from TJ Designs, but this was a "whatever goes" card so there are a few other stamps as well.... {anything to tell MY story!}

This little cowgirl is from the "Rodeo Sweethearts" collection and she's really a girl (I don't "KNOW" Dawn in real life.... but is it my imagination, or does this little gal look a little bit like you could picture Dawn as a little one?)! The cow-BOYS in the background are from the "Wild West" collection that is more "boy" oriented... I MASKED the main image with a good ol' POST IT note: goodness gracious, it worked just how I wanted it to! I stamped on both sides and lined up the image on my Stampin' Up! grid sheet! I was just pleased a punch with the "scene" that was created!

Since, I do consider myself "crafty", I decided to link this effort into a NEW TO ME challenge from "Cardpatterns!" They are featuring a sketch challenge this week and I had planned to give it a try after the recommendation from a dear friend, so "tumble my tumbleweeds..." I'm in! Here's the sketch!

It's a beauty, all right! Very fun and inspirational: take a gander at their site if you get a chance!

Meanwhile, I just wanted to show off this COOL {I can't believe I WON! Lottery tickets tonight, friends! I'll be buying 'em for shor'!} magazine! I soooooooooooo love a new "in real life" idea book that you can hold and love and take EVERYWHERE! I was SO ready to buy it as soon as I saw it, so I'm just amazed at my fabulous good fortune! I can't wait to oogle at every delicious and delightfully crafty creation! What a happy, happy day!

In the meantime, I might as well warn you to make way for a whole bunch more "westerny" out-put in the next few posts, as I am sooooo honored and excited to share with you that my stinky, stubborn but strangely wonderful 4.5 year old gelding, Wildcard, has been "started" by my most AMAZING, handy and magical horse trainer, Mr. Shannon Crawford! I KNOW that most of you don't know him, but if I have anything to do with it: you will! I plan to post some pictures from the event and continue to breathe in the inspiration from my "horsey" world into my crafty world! Stay tuned for that!

Thank you, again, dear Dawn! I know you give stuff away all the time, but I'm JUST super thrilled and I had to share! Can't wait to see what that crafty goddess does next! Yipee!


C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - TJ Designs; All Night Media; S/U!
Ink - Versafine (Black); Staz-On (Brown)
Watercolor Wonder Crayons (foreground & highlights)
Metal Heart-shaped paperclip and Ribbon - M/M
Thread - Gutermann
Word Window and Scallop Border Punch - S/u!

So, "th, the, tha, THAT'S ALL FOLKS!"
On behalf of all the fine folks
{and yep, that includes horses!}
at Rancho Durenberger..............
Have a fabulous day and THANK YOU,
as always, for stopping by!


Karen said...

What a goodie...as Dawn might say!! :> I saw that you won earlier today and you are rocking the Thank You to Dawn! Hope you did go out and buy those lottery tickets. :> Also so love your pic with your Wildcard!

Rosemary said...

I love the picture of you and Wildcard!!! You sure take nice pics!! I'm sooo glad you are giving CardPatterns a try. YAY FOR YOU on winning the mag!!! Love your "thank you", so sweet and so cow-girly-girl!!

Dana F. said...

I just hopped over from Dawn's blog. Congrats on winning!! What a great thank-you card, she'll love it!

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh sweet cowgirl! This is a splendid thanks to Dawn and show of your love for all things western and horsey! Yay for you on the Dawn win and the Shannon experience! Sure does sound like a bit oh luck to me:)

Love your masked cowgirl...she looks like a match for any cowboy :)

whoistracy said...

What a cute card Elsie! I love that little cowgirl stamp and how you cut her out and put her in the foreground. So glad you could play along with us on CP.

Jenny said...

Woo-hoo, look at that Stinker Horse and his pretty mama! I cannot WAIT to hear all the Shannon-isms that are certain to make their way into all our lives.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I love the woodgrain, I love the blue, I love the rosie cheeks on the little cowgirl... And look at you w/Wild Card! You're just beautiful!

(did ya get my email?)