Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Thoughts GREETINGS!

Lovely friends of Blogland: WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER!?! Holy Mole', Oley! That season just blew by! Last thing I remember, I was ACTUALLY participating in a "family & friends" good old fashioned vacation... And suddenly I'm running back and fourth between school, errands, Target and the grocery store, kid haircuts and shoeing: WHA' HAPPENED!?! I now, officially have a middle schooler {the boy started 6th grade on Wednesday!} and late next week, I'll have a "for real" and official 3rd grader! *Phew!*

Here he is, the boy, in all of his "11 year old, hormones ready to kick into high-gear splendor!"

(Heavy Sigh.) NOW, maybe y'all will forgive me for not tending to my blog baby all week!!!! THIS look, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, took a lot to pull off... Just sayin'! All of my hard work was the inspiration for the following card: It is a tribute to the now, long-ago day, when a quality robot toy and a little dose of E.T. was all that was needed to create magic and stimulate the imagination of my smallish boy... {*Sniffle~sniff!*} I also created this to share with the lovely folks at Scrapmaster's Paradise Color Combo AND Card Patterns! The "happy thoughts greetings" is a sentiment I'm sending out to all-o-you, right now! Especially those of you who are doing the "back to school squirrel dance!" Ack!

Take a gander at these fun colors from Samantha, amazing blogstress and creator of SPCC!

Then there's the fun sketch of the mighty designers at Card Patterns! (They've updated their banner - again! Hmmmmm.... Might have to do some exploration in that department, myself!)

Here's my card in it's robotic finery! I'm really having a lot of love {and nostalgia!} over these Stampin' Up! robots, Lots of Bots! Quite fun! I was intrigued by the stamp with the bolts, nuts and washer... and since "Scrapland" is located next to husband's workshop, I considered adding some REAL nuts and bolts, but then this washer thingy happened! (I purchased a huge bag of these when I first embraced the metal letter stamps by Lee Valley Tools, in like 2002! I was going to custom make sentiment WASHERS, before they were manufactured by Making Memories and the like... Until I found that to pound those babies with a hammer could cause brain injury~ the bounce back or "kick" from the hammer could be deadly: these aren't meant to be metal stamped! But guess what: they take kindly to STAZ ON! Yipee!) The Think Happy Thoughts set from Stampin' Up! works PERFECTLY for this task! Plus, I shadowed with white Staz On and then Timber Brown and I was fairly pleased with the results!

So, I'mmmmm Baaaaaaaccccccckkkkkk, folks! One more kid to start school next week and then ROUTINE is restored to Rancho Durenberger... Wahooo! I've missed the adrenaline and fun of the challenge world and talking with you all! Can't wait to catch up some more!

Have a great day!


C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Stampin' Up!
Ink - Stampin' Up! & Staz On
Watercolor Wonder Crayons and Aqua Painter - Stampin' Up!
Ribbon - Stampin' Up!
Mini Star Punch - Marvy
Corner Punch - Stampin' Up!
Scallop Circle - Sizzix & Stampin' Up!
Swiss Dots Embossing Folder - Cuttlebug
Dimensional Dots - Stampin' Up!


Dotty Jo said...

Darling I've missed you! Glad to have you back safe and sound - I was worried there might have been bears! Love the picture of your son. How many hours did it take him to perfect that wonderful hair? Great little robot card, I am tempted by the SPCC colours but Cardvaarks have a challenge involving pink so I think I'm gonna play along with them first. Big hugs to you, Jo x

Kristina said...

That card is so cute - that robot - I love it, my four year old would love it, he is really into robots at the moment. Great job.

Karen said...

Looks like you got your groove on last night, afterall, E! YAY!!!! And sharing your sweet boy (growing boy!!) it! I kept trying to get first day of school pics of mine and the neighbor was walking the dogs and I really don't think even the coolest of robots could have swayed his attention back to me and the camera, so I'm not quite sure what I've got in the camera. But, it was him, through and through. That sweet little robot set sure is a cute one and you are making sweet music with it. So glad you were able to jump back in and play! (Can you sprinkle a little of that over here?? lol)

Rosemary said...

AHHH!! Sweet pic of your 6th grader!! Love your card!! Soo glad you found your MOJO!!! Yipee!!! You are tempting me to try this color challenge will all your wonderful entries!!

Susan said...

Thanks for joining us at SPCC. Your bot card is adorable!

Emily said...

Oh So Cute!

Emily-SP Diva

tg said...

Adorable robot. Love the watercoloring -- you are the best at this! The bow is perfect too!

Daniella said...

Excellent job darlin'! Love the washer on top. I have an 8th grader and a 5th grader now. Where does the time go?
So glad you could join us this week at SPCC!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Welcome back girl! Fine robot-ery here.....and you gave him soem ground to stand on of course. Love that about you :) Judging by post tiem of this post, you made a real effort to be in the craft are my SHE-ro!

Nice job on the 6th grade hairdo too, looking pretty cool!

Laurel said...

Cute, cute card!

Gwen said...

Great card and YOUR blog is so much fun! Nice to "meet" you, Elise!
And...not sure of the significance of the Holstein hide on your blog but we have some of the real ones running around here so it caught my eye!

Ann said...

Cutie card and a pretty handsome guy to boot!

Renee said... you did it...I am going to have to get Lots Of Bots! I love your work!

Mara Campbell said...

I love how you did the ribbon and such a cute image! Great card!

Anonymous said...

Very cute robot card! Thanks for playing at SPCC!

Melisa-SP Diva

Stephanie said...

What a great card! Yep...I am doing the "back to school squirrel dance" too! LOL Great job with the SPCC colors! Love it!

~kelly marie~ said...

Love the card!! The robot is so awesome!

suzARTe said...

this is a great card, I just love the main image