Monday, August 3, 2009

Yo! What's SNOW?

Yo! What's Snow with YOU? It's August and I'm thinking SNOW! One thing I love about this great BLOGLAND of ours is the diversity of our "shared experiences!" Funny how it's unseasonably cool here in Northern California {the part I'm in, anyway...} and scorching elsewhere. My family is up on the McLoud River, baking... And I'm layered up, because it gets COLD at night... Well, wherever YOU are, I hope you are comfortable! Here's a little something get you thinking about Winter... It's not THAT far away!

Have super rest of your day, blog-friends!


C/S - Stampin' Up!
Letter stickers - MM
Snowflake die cut shapes - Sizzix/Stampin' Up!
Bling - Joanne's
Scallop Edge Punch - Stampin' Up!


Ann said...

Fabulous, my friend! Those colors are divine! It's been warm here the past few days (like our summer should be), but I've been sleeping with the covers on wayyyy more than usual this summer!

tg said...

You know I love the grid paper...and scallops. The SNOW letters are awesome and so wintery. Cute card!

Kate Riley said...

How can it be that when it's summer, we think of snow, and when it's winter, we dream of sun?

I love your beautiful card. I love everything you touch. Awwww, let's face it. I just love you.

And what an amazing slide show. Me want. Teach me.

Rosemary said...

So, you have been busy, too!! Adorable card!! The snowflake and the letters just add that perfect touch!

Dana Gustafson said...

Well, well, someone has been getting creative! LOVE the scalloped grid paper and the silver bling letters and the, well all of it!

Courtney Baker said...

Yea girl it is HOT here. We've been pretty lucky in TN this year, it's been nice. I think I can take the heat for one month.

Great card... just love those colors.

Karen said...

Well, you're certainly not helping a gal warm up here! But, I think maybe now, I can remember my childhood playtime in the snow and relish this chilly weather a bit more. I am happy that it is Not baking here this summer and that those triple digit heat waves are just not fun. So.........a fantastically graphic Snowy paper craftin' love will do just fine by me...especially if it's made by you! :>