Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fish ON!

You must have thought I'd left ya'll and gone fishin'!

I can't believe I disappeared ~ again! I so wish I was a better multi-tasker! Ahhhhhhhhh! No, I wasn't fishin', but I needed a smooth transition for this:

Yes, friends, I found the PERFECT place to have some fun with this here, BROWN trout! Please check out this fab new sketch from those CRAZY Kitchen Sink Gals!

They are ORGANIZING and GROWING their lovely challenge, and now will feature TWO challenges per month! Check out the new blog! I know it will be a smashing success and I just couldn't WAIT to play with the "glamor girls" of Everything But the Kitchen Sink! I kinda just ... tried to make a splash! tee hee

I was ALL inspired for "fishin' art!" This week held quite the unexpected pleasure for lil' old me! My most DARLING and dear friend from college came into town! We spent three glorious days together ~ ALMOST as if... {ha ha!} it was back in the day! THIS is Michele! And Mr. PEE WEE... and ME!

We were able to steal a little time away some of the rigors of my daily existence... A little riding, dining, visiting with friends, LOTS of laughter, nostalgia and FUN! Just a lil' slice of heaven with a friend, who means so much to me ~ and now to my family, as well! Amazing to unite two such important pieces of my life: my pre-family world + REALITY! {tee hee} Michele is a WORLD traveler, writer, and Navy gal and SHE IS A PART of my soul! We met, while in college at UC Davis { .... a .... *cough-cough!* ... while ago!} and while I ran off into a future with marriage and family, Michele ran towards ADVENTURE! Yet, even after all of that, we are still united by our common love of life and sensibility... Oh, crackers! I just had to share her with you all!

Here's a close-up of the sentiment and ... ROYAL WOLF{?} I can't believe I don't remember the name of this fly! Just another illustration that it HAS been a while since college! I was known to "wet a line" or TWO back in the day. That is why a fishing card seemed like the right way to celebrate nostalgia AND the kitchen sink! Actually, the WHOLE enchilada! (But that's ANOTHER story! ~ Doh!)

All right, lovelies! I'm literally, BACK in the saddle THIS WEEK! THANK you sooooooooo much for visiting! Now, I get to catch up with YOU! YEEE HAW!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Stampin' Up!
Fish and Background stamp - PSX
Fly stamp - Stampin' Up!
Sentiment - Creative Imaginations
Chipboard Circle and C/S cut with Sizzix
Ribbon - Michael's
Fishing line - Stren


Kelley Eubanks said...

Elise... this is too cute! I love the fish image and that bow is perfect! I need to learn how to do that bow!! So glad to see a pic of you and your friend! Oh... and the horse! :) So glad that you enjoyed your friend time! Thanks so much for playing with our challenge... I am so excited that you got right on it! :)

Vanessa said...

So glad you had a fun time with a dear friend! Love this card - so masculine!! What a great take on the EBKS sketch... I am happy you are back in the saddle again!


Dotty Jo said...

Sounds like you too had a great time - there's nothing as wonderful as a fabulous friend!
Like your card soooo much and it's a real nostalgia trip for me too! My Dad was finshing obsessed when I was younger and I pretty much grew up with a rod in my hand. I can't identify the fly either, which is shame on me as I made quite a few as a child. Love the pic of you girls and Mr Pee Wee - that sky looks so big and blue and wonderful. This morning in the UK we have grey clouds and high winds, but at least it has stopped raining.
Big hugs to you sweet girl, Jo x

papertrails leaver said...

I loved reading your post because I can see and just imagine the excitement you had with your GF this weekend. Cute pix of you two! I adore your Good Times fishing card! Completely have to try that challenge because it makes a lovely "mansome" card. The trout is the perfect touch in center!

liszha said...

Those frienships are worth gold!
First of all: I wish I could make such nice manly cards. This one would have been great to send to my stephbrother who loves fishing.
Second: I can't believe those photo. It make me think about Mc Leods daughters. For me such a different world.
show me more girl! Your life looks so romantic.

Courtney Baker said...

Wow look at you so multi-talented! I love this card, certainly not something you see every day in the ol' paper crafting world. Thanks so much for playing along and always being supportive of EBTKS! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

~amy~ said...

sounds like you had a super magnificen time with your friend...that's always the best...spending time with your peeps:)

Fantabulous the colors and your coloring!

Karen said...

Cute card, cute fishy, great coloring! What I love most is getting to know a bit more o' you from the days before I knew you!! :> It sounds like you've had a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!! Yay!!! I'll bet you needed that. :> Here's hopin' you have a week with a smile on your face, relishing old memories and new ones made this weekend! :>

Rosemary said...

So only you could take a stamp of a fish and turn it into something FABULOUS!!! Having good friends around sure does wonders for your soul! Glad you are back though, missed you!! Think I will give the Kitchen Sink girls a try (you enabler!!)

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday! Glad to know you're having a great time! We miss ya! *hugs* Oh... GREAT card! Your bow is just perfect!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Lucky lucky lucky girl!!!! How fun to have your bff come visit! And green grass???? Get Out!

I love the fishy card:) So marvelous...

OK..long lost sister... You went to UCD??? I went to Chico State! And my BFF lives in Davis right now! Yep... I am a transplant from CA up here to Oregon... Lots to tell.. lots to tell!

LeAnne said...

Thanks for sharing your friend (and your awesome card) with us! Nice to see you enjoying life and having FUN! That's what it is about!

Christina Smith said...

This is like such a great 'man card'! I really like the colors you used! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

dpkennedy said...

What a great card! Love your story too, so sweet! Glad you had a great time!

Helen F. said...

I love this card, Elise...and the photo of your friend, Mr Pee Wee and you is really Fabulous, Darling!

~kelly marie~ said...

Love this card!! You bow is so fab!
Thank you so much for playing along with us at EbtKS!