Friday, October 28, 2011

Altered, embellished and SPOOKY!

But enough about me...

It's WILDCARD time down there, 'round about "JUST US GIRLS",
creative challenge AVENUE! And WHAT a wild time it is...........

We're taking regular, old FRAMES from fine, to FABULOUS!!!! In our
very own, customized way... What FUN! I sure hope YOU'LL be inspired
to play along! I HAD such a goooooooooood time, getting ALTERED.... {!}

~I wonder why you're not surprised by that.... {?}~

But before I begin to share the exciting details of my crafty
journey... Let me show you THE way to inspiration, for ALL!


Finally, we have the darling, Maureen,
our OH, sooooooo talented, guest designer
for the month of October... We are soooo
grateful to her for gracing us with her talent
this month! THANK YOU, Mo!

Meanwhile - want to check out how I took a regular old
Michael's issue frame and ghouled it all OUT for
Hallow's Eve....?????? {I sure HOPE so!}

These frames are beautifully priced, pre-fabbed and faux
wood festooned, but not, exactly.... FABULOUS....

They are GREAT when you want to really SHOW your art
and photography off, but IFFFFFFF you want your frame to
to truly be a part of your fine creation - you HAVE to think a
little bit OUTSIDE of the box. Or, inside the box, as is the
case with my fine WORK STATION! {Love to recycle!}

Various tools of the trade to make the work
fun and easy! Oh, MY!

Sprayed and tanned, and ready for MORE!

Handy, DANDY chicken wire - it's NOT just for chickens!

After frame is appropriately distressed and DRESSED...
Crackle medium is generous applied, and the GAMES
begin - HALLOWEEN style! Why YES, I'm a lil' batty...

Bats + Bling are a FABULOUS thing!

... And GLITTER. So, so MUCH glitter!

I'm SUPER partial to this DARLING black cat,
courtesy of some "elderly" paper from Daisy D's...
In my world, a black CAT is a wonderful sign -
Such a timeless image - perfect for a tad bit
MORE glitter.... SO. MUCH.... GLITTER!

Yes, FRIENDS!!!! That's what I call FABULOUS frame-work!
Glittery BONES and all! What will YOU do with your frame?
My bones will be twitching with anticipation! Yipeeeee!!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting!


Karen said...

Oh my stinkin' heck! Elise, I just LOVE it when you alter! And even better when you get crafty & work your magic with all Halloweeny haunts! :>

Vicki Dutcher said...

Elisa- that chicken wire and frame is brilliant! Love the finished look - I can see why you challenged all of us you had the BEST sample!! :)

TesaB said...

YAY! How fun and totally FABULOUS is that!?!! Awesome project, so much fun with all the rustic hardware work!!!

~amy~ said...

LOVE're thee best...that chix wire is magnificent!

Lynn said...

Elisa, you AMAZE me! I absolutely love the chicken wire...such a fabulous, spooky creation!

Rosemary said...

CRACKERS!!! your dressed-up, distressed-up frame is absolutely over the top Halloween fun!!!

Creative Mayhem said...

Love it!! The cat, bats, and frame and spectacular. You are the altering queen my friend. :)

Maria said...

WOW WOW! Totally awesome Elise! I love how you showed the process, gee wiz you did alot of wonderful work. Fabulous job.

Dana Gustafson said...

Ack! How could I forget to tell you how crazy cool this is! I love your spooky side!