Monday, February 27, 2012

Buttons Galore & More go GREEN!

Check it OUT, friends - I'm REALLY gettin' into the day-o-the GREEN!

Feelin' Irish, PLAYING with BUTTONS...!

Won't you kick up your heels, and jog on over to my OTHER place
to get ALL crafty - Buttons Galore & More, where YOU can find the
answer to this question...

Do. You. FEEL.... L-U-C-K-Y?

I hope you'll take a gander!

M'Irish eyes are smilin', already!



lainey said...

love what you have done with the button Elise will have to have a sort out of mine!! lainey x

Carol L said...

I see you've worked your magic once again with some green buttons! I hope your St Patty's day brings you lots of good luck too! Awesome!!