Monday, April 9, 2012

Fairytale FABRIC & Buttons from Laura Kelly - ALTERED CLIPBOARD


I'm floating on puffy HEARTS swirling across a fantasy fairytale
landscape, ready to slay dragons or WIN the heart of a handsome
prince or knight in shining armor... ALL THE WHILE, I have had
the wonderful opportunity to make my own form of fairytale magic
with this super delightful material from Laura Kelly, a fellow designer
for Buttons Galore & More, and CLEARLY, a talented artist, who has
her very own line of fabric! Together with members of our fabulous
Button Bevy, we have created some fabulous projects and joined
together in the perfect way to celebrate a little post-Easter activity:


That's RIGHT, friends: it's a FESTIVAL of buttons, fabric, ribbons
and creative mojo! Pull up your mug, grab your note pad and be
READY for inspiration! Here is road map to HOPPING fun:

Laura Bray

Keri Lee
Laura E.
Me! {Elise}
Buttons Galore & More

Please visit EACH blog, listed above, to be eligible to WIN a prize!
Once you've completed the hop and are back on the BG&M blog,
leave a comment on the post saying
what is your favorite project and if you would
want the BOY prize or the GIRL prize.

It's THAT easy!

Here's the button down {get it?} on my project!

Using an over-sized clipboard, sanded, I painted the entire
surface with a coat of acrylic paint, let it dry,
and then painted a second coat
with a mixture of white acrylic paint and
Artist's Medium {from EcoGreen Crafts}...

With this FABULICIOUS fabric from Laura Kelly, I folded on a diagonal
to create a decorative pocket, sewing the edges and finishing with ribbon.
A second pocket was created with an opposing diagonal, and some extra
canvas material.

BEAUTIFUL Buttons Galore & More buttons, colored PERFECTLY
to match this glorious fabric, were sewn onto the bottom piece of
decorative ribbon, to add unforgettable accent and and fun!

With Fabri-Tac Adhesive, the entire pocket piece was glued to the edges
of the clipboard. Using mini clamps to secure each edge until glue dried.
Repeat technique to secure extra to the back side of clipboard.

The clipboard was personalized using 7Gypsies chipboard letters
and GORGEOUS "Smooch" accent ink - YEOWZA! Colorful FUN!

~ I love, love, love the BEAUTY of some easy to apply, pearlized ink ~

After all, a girl LOVES having a darling place for her STUFF!

YIPEEEE! What's NOT to love?

Pictures, memorabilia, notes, ETC.!
...have FOUND a perfect home on my wee-girl's wall...

Love me some BUTTONS, blog hops and friends!
Hope you enjoyed my work:
Come ON back, again!

Have a PERFECTLY festooned day!

Supplies -

Clipboard - Oriental Trading
Fabric - Laura Kelly
Acrylic Paint - Eco Green Crafts
Acrylic Medium - Eco Green Crafts
Ribbon - Offray
Colored Twine - Buttons Galore & More
Buttons - Buttons Galore & More
Chipboard Letters - 7Gypsies
Smooch Pearlized Ink - Clearsnap


Allie Gower said...

What a great idea, adding those pockets. Love all the decorative touches.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

This is both pretty AND functional!!! Great idea for the pockets!!!

Laura Bray said...

This is a completely brilliant project as usual Elise. I love the pocket idea.

Ann Butler said...

I Love Altered Clipboards and this one is Fabulous!

Indy's Designs said...

Oh my goodness, you are so clever. Love fairy tale themed paper, fabric, anything!

Debbie said...

This ia a Great idea and really enjoyed seeing how you made this.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Pockets - brilliant! So fun! Thanks for some great ideas.

Chris R. from Iowa

Dana Gustafson said...

That is one fine clipboard for your sweet girl! She's gonna love using that!

byAnnette said...

What Crafty Skills you have!

Awesome looking project
and so practical

Fun Challenge
(I need to look into being part of one)

Loved the detailed How-To too

Anonymous said...

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