Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dramatic Northern California Sunset with Windmill

The day this dramatic sunset scene enveloped our lovely county, I knew I had struck creative gold. My heart raced, because I was driving home from visiting my mom, in Marin County, south of where we live. My conundrum was WHERE and HOW could I view and photograph the setting sun, as time was of the essence and I am greedy. The more inspirational pictures I have in my file, the better.

Adding to the rush of my excitement was the sight of our annual Sonoma Marin Fair, visible from my position on the crowded freeway at rush-our. Against the unfolding drama of the heavens, I could see the Ferris Wheel and other attractions starting to glow with their neon goodness against the darkening midway. What to do. I couldn't think straight and I wanted to be in the right spot to get the scene I could already picture in my head.  Then I remembered: MY SON WAS AT THE FAIR! Frantically, I called him praying that he would somehow accept my phone call, amidst the joy and chaos that is the summer fair at dusk, teenagers, freedom, COTTON CANDY, kettle corn... 

But he is a good boy. He ANSWERED! (And he HEARD me!) He took the exact picture I was lusting for...Fodder for a future painting (which I have actually started!), but it freed me up for this baby:

Sunset over Stony Point ©2014           Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 18"

Lucky me! Although I was fairly squirmy with anticipation, I was able to calmly plot another location to hoard a different photo exploration of the crazy-beautiful sky. The above painting is the result of my terrific fortune. This gorgeous setting was already in the que for a painting with a late summer brooding, grey sky (that I have NOT painted yet), but I had a feeling it would look good in these colors, too. Before I started to paint, I entered it in a different local fair, later that summer. Proudly, it won first place and I sold it to a very dear friend in time for it to become the ultimate anniversary gift for my OTHER very dear friend. Wow! That was a fortunate sequence of events!

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Carol L said...

You and your son have captured the most beautiful skies in photos! The painting is divine and I adore all the wide open spaces you have where you live. It's how life should be for all of us........if we're fortunate enough to have rolling hillsides and dramatic sunsets in our back yards. Way to paint our world!