Wednesday, May 17, 2023

American Graffiti Tribute Art 2015

It's a quick flashback to 2015! In honor of the 50th year of American Graffiti, the Petaluma History Museum is sharing original art from Cruisin' the Boulevard, Inc., that I painted including this exciting piece from 2015, my second year as event artist. Their new exhibit will open 5/18/23 - 9/3/23.

Tenth Year Anniversary Tribute by Elise Durenberger ©2015

Here a piece that was written for the Petaluma History Museum about the 2015, 10 year anniversary event art for Cruisin' the Boulevard, for their new feature on the 50th anniversary of the filming of American Graffiti:

The artwork for 2015 was created with the intention of celebrating ten years of Cruisin’ the Boulevard. The process began with the inclusion of many of the cars from the movie, including some of our regular “star cars” that represent American Graffiti at our annual event. With cooperation of the Petaluma Police Department, we were able to stage the background layout our artist was envisioning, right in the heart of downtown Petaluma so that she could take reference photos to enable her drawing and eventual painting for the year. The number ten is incorporated into the layout in various ways, including the use of ten car “characters.” Toad’s charming Vespa was lovingly featured, since it nearly stole the show in the initial Mel’s Diner scene as it unexpectedly collided with a garbage can as a hilarious result of user error. This famous gaffe made it into the movie and cemented the adorably clumsy authenticity of Toad’s (Charles Martin Smith) character. Other ways the artist signaled our 10th anniversary was by including the number in various business signs and finally by creating a faux advertisement painted in the brick edge of the Masonic Building.  We’ve come to enjoy anticipating how Elise emphasizes aspects of our annual theme in her artwork. This painting was her second on behalf of CTB and continues to be a favorite image to many.

“Tenth Year Anniversary Tribute” by Elise A. Durenberger ©2015
Original, Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 30”  $3,750.00

For information about purchasing the original painting please contract

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Carol L said...

Long time, no see, but it's great to see this awesome painting again! Those cars are from my generation and we used to cruise all the time when we were younger! Cars and hot rods were everything back in those days (along with the music) and this painting just takes me way back to a time when life was uncomplicated, good and just plain fun! Congrats on the ten years, and I love how that number is incorporated into the painting. It's beautiful and I'm glad your talent took you from making cards to paintings like this. It's remarkable and I'm very happy for you!