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American Graffiti Tribute Art 2020 & 2022

 The 2020 Event Art for Petaluma's tribute to American Graffiti was complete and awaiting its time in the spotlight when the world created other plans. We all recollect where we were when the pandemic happened, so it should come as no surprise that we lost some black top during that difficult time. What follows is my summary for last year's exhibit in dedication of Petaluma's deep connection to the movie American Graffiti. 

In hindsight, we got a lot of extra millage with our 2020 artwork. In a bargain package, we also got 2021 and 2022 in the same painting! It’s funny now, but when Elise painted the 2020 piece in late 2019, obviously we didn’t know how it would stand the test of time…. and a worldwide pandemic. But with a little luck, her piece that was created to acknowledge 15 years of car show celebration held up well. Similar to the 10th year celebratory artwork, Elise painted fifteen car characters, including two that were not from the movie. We showed love to our founders, John and Joetta Furrer and had their pristine Chevy added to a heavily detailed Petaluma Boulevard perspective, quietly parked in front of fictional “P-town Auto.”  Wayne & Rhonda Van Patten were honored by capturing their gorgeous (not yet born in 1962, the fictional timeline for American Graffiti) Pontiac, in a brick-side advertisement for “Future Pontiac.” This original fine art painting showcases the best of what we have come to count on Elise’s in work: there are too many details to acknowledge but we implore you to study this one. It features so much of what most of us love about the crusin’ culture and history of Petaluma, and also the universal experience of small town USA.

“The Fastest Car in the Valley” by Elise A. Durenberger ©2020
Original, Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 30” $4,000.00  SOLD!

I was beyond honored to win Best of Show, 1st Place and Best of Section in the Sonoma Marin Fair, 2021. A wise and discerning American Graffiti enthusiast and Car Show participant purchased this art during the 2023 event directly from the Petaluma History Museum. Although the tasteful customer had to patiently wait to receive the painting until after the show, he was glad to do so and we were delighted! 

For information on how to purchase remaining, original paintings and reproductions, please contact Elise Durenberger at

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