Saturday, April 11, 2009

They call me E!-stir!

Most of my friends call me "E", "Mama E" or "E-aster/E-stir", or even "hey you..."

Pretty funny that with a nick-name like "E-stir", my birthday actually falls on EASTER this year! It's lovely and spring-like, and I don't want to sound ungrateful.. It's just that: I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. NOT because I'm SOOOO much older than I planned to be by now (what?)... It's because I have to do EASTER BUNNY duties on top of being the birthday girl and I'M TIRED! I just wanted to play in "scrapland" (my craft room), make cards and organize my goodies for the millionth time... That's what the pre-birthday spirit moved me to do.. But instead, I have been stuffing eggs and preparing baskets while my heart palpitates in fear of being discovered... The double-agent life that I live during holidays like Christmas, Easter... and the perpetual saga of LOST TEETH... Know what I mean!?! I bet most of you do! And heaven forbid I ask the husband to pick up the slack and he somehow not perpetuate the mythical creature of the day with as much vim and vigor as I do!?! AHHHHHH! So, I'm slaving to the pre-Easter duties, as usual, but with just a wee little bit more self pity... sigh..

The good news is, as most of us who put hands to paper know, NOTHING CHEERS A GIRL UP FASTER THAN MAKING A LITTLE SOMETHING! I was cleaning off the craft table to gear up for Easter prep and I just couldn't stop drooling over the "Foo-fa-la" paper from my last project, so I began to play.... That and my T!m Holtz fragments that I've sworn not to craft without until next Friday when I get to work WITH HIM, the T!m man, himself! Anywhoo, long venting aside, here's what I made WITH LEFTOVERS! AGAIN!!!!

Now that I'm looking at this card, photographically, I see that I was still "under the influence" from the fun CPS110 sketch challenge and I didn't even realize it! That was SO much fun! I can hardly even wait to see what they challenge us with next time! Anywhoo, this is what I whipped up with while I was feeling sorry for myself... tee hee.. (Funny, I don't feel so sorry anymore!)

Card stock and stamps are from S/U!
Patterned paper - Foo fa la
Diamond sparkle - PSX
Oval and scallop oval punch - S/U!
Top Note Die - Sizzix
Water Color Wonder Crayons - S/U!
All stamps - S/U!

So that's all for now! I'll see you all on the "other side" of Easter and the next year of.. "E-stir!" Thanks for sharing my therapy session! You all are the BEST!

Happy Easter!


tg said...

Happy early birthday E-aster. Hope you have a great day in spite of your Mama duties :) Glad you got to play a little today.

Karen said...

HA! Always thought it was "E-ster"!! Happy Birthday, a few hours early! That patterned paper is on my "Aunt, Uncle, Opa, Oh My!" page where I used many patterned papers, a transparency, and a booklet for the very first time when I was preggo with V and retreating at Wildwood FOUR years ago!! Funny how a little thing like a piece of patterned paper can send you back!! :>:> Ya know.....when I first looked at your card (well, after I returned from my trip down memory lane!), even though I know SU inventory pretty darn well and know just how crafty and artistic you are, I thought the rose was a fancy dancy pre-made embellishment!! I should have known better!!! It turned out beautiful!! And while your birthday has gotten burried by the Bunny's duties, at least you'll get to smile and play with Tim soon! :>:> Happy Birthday, E! :>

Elise said...

You're right, too, Kare! I used to spell it like that so it wasn't simply, EASTER. But then people thought I meant Ester. So recently I adopted E-stir: more phonetic. It don't really matter, anywhoo! It's a nick-name!:) Thank you for your nice birthday notes, all o you! HAPPY Easter!

Tracey said...

Hi Elise,

Happy Birthday. Also, it is my sister's birthday today, thanks for the reminder, I have to go make her a card. Nice card BTW

Dana Gustafson said...

OK, so spill on how you did that rose?? Gorgeous my crafty friend! And bonus mommy karma points for carrying on the tradition of easter egg totally counts you know! Glad you squeezed a little you time in between and I hope you had a really good day... you've earned it :)

Happy birthday E! xo, Dana G :)!!!!

Kate Riley said...

Hey there E-stir-it-up. You are so talented, I wish I could cover my walls with your paper combinations.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend !

Let's celebrate with some lemon drops and sushi at you know where !

Christina Dehnert said...

Well Birthday girl....I can say that I have had the honor of helping you celebrate in a mini way yesterday! I, too, even with my big ol' giant children endure the woes of leading a double life and the pressures that are inherent to that job description. However, if I could be as creative with LEFTOVERS as you were and are, then I would pat myself on the back....which leads me to this...You deserve a big ol' WOW!!! I am so impressed that you made such an adorable card with scraps but I shouldn't be so in awe as your talents have always blown me away! So a big pat on the back for the lovely gem you created!