Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walkin' in a {Tim Holtz induced...} Wonderland!

Bloggy WONDERLAND, that is.... Rancho Durenberger STYLE!

{Hold on to your ear drums - I'm going AUDIO!}

In case you were unable to access this {oh, HEAVENS! :o)} - the link has been updated! I'm a You TUBE "newbie!" Doh!
Thanks for your patience!


If THAT was "TMI" about life at Rancho Durenberger, you may just want to hit the mute button and read the words, for yourself:

Over the house, lies a mantle of laundry
My empty pantry is QUITE a quandary,
But here in the blogland, we’re clickin’

Bam, bum, ba-bum, bum…

Splarkly fluff, is a-glistnin, shiny wire needs some twistin’
It’s a beautiful sight, Tim’s Tags done up right,
Craftin’ in our Bloggy Wonderland!

In the studio Tim can make some Ta-ags…

He’ll festoon with bits of vintage charm.
Dies and grungeboard crunching though the Vagabond,
And now we have to have one of our own!

Later on, we’ll be a-stalkin’, bleary-eyed

Checkin’ the clock, and, it’s a beautiful sight

When we get it right, waitin’ for Tim’s Tags

to come on line!

In the background is a glimpse of Mario!

He’s a smilin’, swillin’ Starbuck’s, too….
Without him, Tim would be much less AMAZING!
Wish I could have a friend like Mario, too….

Splarkly fluff, is a-glistnin, shiny wire needs some twistin’
It’s a beautiful sight, Tim’s Tags done up right,

Craftin’ in our Bloggy Wonderland!

That's right, friends! We're FLYING though the Twelve Tags of Tim and I am HAVING a good time! So good, in fact.... {aw, shucks - I'm SO flippin' giddy!} I'm going to get a little shameless, once again... I won TIM HOLTZ blog candy today! YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAWWWWWW! Oh..... myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....... goooooooodnessss! I'm so freakin' happy I had to write that lil' ditty, in an effort to channel my excitement and rekindle my "tradition" I started last year with my "Ode To Tim"! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the lovely and talented Mr. Holtz and the ever so funny and delightful, MARIO! You two ARE Christmas!

Meanwhile, hope you can forgive my lack of papercraft - I'm preparing some art for a little, local showing at my FAVORITE coffee haunt.. Here's a mini-preview:

{THAT'S "Auntie Cow! She's Mamacow's B-A-B-Y! All THIRTY SOMETHING years of her!}

Anywhooo, dear ones! I hope I didn't scare you: I do, soooooo, get silly around this time of year! Thanks {!} for visiting! I hope you're having a blast getting your "Tim" on!


Dawn said...

You crack me up girl! You have a gorgeous voice. BTW...where do you store all of your amazing talent?!

Rosemary said...

HO-LE-Y COW!!! girl not only are you a seriously talented crafter, but you have a seriously sweet singin' voice!! i agree with dawn... where do you store it all??? CONGRATS on winning some t!m loot! your comment was hilarious!!!

Karen said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Thank you for rocking the Tim Christmas cheer....even cranked the volume up so the kidlets could enjoy it (V was all over the singing Tim love & A was enjoying Oatmeal....I've got the right one, right?! :>)!! And I am SOO excited that you won!!! (Would you believe today was the first time I didn't stay up late or get up even earlier to go look?! *That* is probably why I caught the kidlets' bug.....which is why I didn't see that you won, until now....'cause I would SOO recognize your comment! :>) Have a blast with your Tim goodies!!!!

And I must give a little love/shout out for getting your art out there!!!! Your talent deserves to be seen! :>

Dana Gustafson said...

gosh, great job!man how long did that song take?agein great job!


Andrea M said...

OMG Elise!!! Girl, where does your talent end!?!?! You have such a beautiful singing voice!!! I may save it and play it in my craft room along with the rest of the Christmas music!!! Fabulous song gal!!!
Your painting is FANTABULOUS!!! I only wish I had an ounce of your fabulousness!!!!
Congrats on the Tim Holtz blog candy!!! YEEE HAWWW!!!!! Thanks for sharing darlin'!!!

Shirley said...

Oh my goodness! This is so great, I love it. I am ready to hear some more. Happy Holidays!

Jill W. said...

Elise, I saw you posted, I thought - you go girl!!! So much fun! I too, am having a wonderful time playing along with and the 12 Tags of Christmas.
I love your song - so creative, the kiddo in the background yelling at "Mom" is priceless!
Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

You are so funny!!! Came here from Twitter. Now I'm going to check the rest of your blog and hope to see some beautiful tags!

Claire said...

Congratulations!! Love your song!

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh my dear talented friend. Wonders never cease with you! LOVE that you wrote an ORIGINAL song for Tim, sang it and aw shucks and well gee, a prize pakage on it's way?!!? Now that's karma baby, yeah! Good for you!

Elise said...
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tim holtz said...

one word...priceless. thanks for making the 12 tags even more magical for me. love the tune... -tim

Dotty Jo said...

....and you can sing! My sweet friend you totally crack me up. Thanks for filling Blogland with fun yet again. Hey, look the amazing Mr T!m has dropped by too - wow! Jo x

Wendy said...

Beautiful singing voice and funny too. I love it!

~amy~ said...

I had to read the lyrics as sshhh...I'm at work..but it's my lunch:) Magnificent paintings and oooohhh....tim blog candy?!!!!!! woot wootie woot woot....

Rose said...

Girl that song is fantastic!!! way to go wining TH blog candy :) AWESOME painting :)

Nancy said...

You are so amazing! I love your singing debut and the painting is gorgeous!

Kristin Eberline said...

Oh my gosh, Elise! Did you just sing for the original Elise Christmas carol?! LOL can sing your little butt off! I ♥ your song...and your kiddo chiming in :] Ha ha are too clever! I think the song makes up for a lack of papercraft show and tell any day!

CONGRATULATIONS on winning Tim's blog candy! Woot woot!! You go, gf!!

KAT said...

Well Hell - you have one terrific voice! I love your Christmas wonderland Ode to Tim and Mario!!!

farmhouse-story said...

you sing, paint, can you dance, too?! your are one very talented chick! i love the video, and your amazing paintings, elise:) good luck with your show!

Michele Gross said...

You crack me up!! And now I'm almost hyperventilating because "he" actually commented on your blog and I'm also doing the "i'm not worthy" full body bow!! :D

Jinny Newlin said...

So, stinkin' cute, Elise! Lovin' it! And your paintings are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!