Friday, January 28, 2011

February Release - DAY 2!

For a chance to win something (*wink!*) from my first EVER blog candy, give me a little love right here! {Please....}

I'm BACK {live!} from L.A. - and all I want to do... is have some fun... I've got a feeeeeelin', I'm not the only one...

{Music please! C'mon Sheryl... let me HEAR you!}

It's CRAZY here in this unfamiliar big, big, BIG city, friends. I am the proverbial "country mouse" and my ranch boots are walkin' on some seriously strange territory! The actual show doesn't start until tomorrow, but we've taken some FABULOUS classes and ALREADY learned a lot! Fun, FUN! My morning was punctuated {first by a wrongly set alarm clock at our hotel - we were up at 4:30am instead of 5:30am.... - MY word!} by a fun encounter at a, near deserted, Starbuck's by the Staples Center, when I realized MARIO was in line in front of us. My dear friend, Cathe, ever positive in the promotions department, notified Mario that "I was the girl who sang about the 12 Tags of T!m!".... Embarrassed, but undaunted, I belted out the verse about Mario, for God and the entire staff of Starbuck's to hear...

No coffee was even on board at that time.

Mario was a darling as EVER! He claimed to remember the song, and the lovely gal accompanying him, Joy, FROM SPARKLY FLUFF, also remembered my little ditty! {So glad Sparkly Fluff worked fabulously in the refrain!} We sure got the day off to a festive start - that's all I'm sayin'... {Chuckle!}

In my "spare" time, I got BACK down with these AMAZING stamps! Wplus9 is FINE and let me just say that after immersing myself, FULLY in this set, THAT letter "W" stands for WONDERFUL! {That DAWN girl can DESIGN - yes, M'am!}

The colorful POSSIBILITY of these babies - well, does ENDLESS fun size it up for you?

Here's the proof! The GALS of Wplus9 - once again, I know you'll be dazzled!


Meanwhile, {drool, drool, drool..} I'm BEYOND excited about this terrific release! I've loved the feedback, so far, and I can't wait until YOU SEE WHAT ELSE the Wplus9 design team has done! I hope you'll take some time to check them ALL out!

Here's my piece in its entirety ~

I am, definitely, guilty of being completely carried away by this new release. I just let the inspiration take me to a VERY eclectic place, including VINTAGE ephemera and doo-dads that just made my crafty lil' heart soooooooo HAPPY!

It was just a hoot to layer and layer faux postcards, with one real one at the bottom. I sort of edited and forged an old love letter to a dearly departed friend of ours ~ I inherited some SUPER cool, real-life ephemera and used it in HIGH style, paired with Dawn's images... That's what I'm thinkin' anyway. Thanks to a ratty, but well loved postcard, I was inspired to create a piece of paper craft that was a little GRUNGY-er than I usually do with Wplus9 designs. Anywhooo - isn't it so cool where inspiration can carry us! Yipeeeeee!

I sure hope I didn't rattle on, too terribly much in this post. It's been an overwhelming stream of AMAZING images and REAL life encounters in this, my first day at CHA. Imagine - we haven't even hit the floor yet! ACK!

More, oh, so much more TOMORROW, friends! I sure hope you'll tune back in for ANOTHER stamp set in Wplus9 release day number THREE!


Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9 design studio
Ink - VersaFine; Staz On; Stampin' Up!
Paperclip - Making Memories
Seam Bias - My MIL's stash!


Karen said...

Okay, so Run D.M.C./Aerosmith's "Walk this Way" is playin' in the background (thank you '80s music channel on the tube!) and my head was knockin' to the beat as I was reading and it was like I could feel the beat o' your excitement bein' channeled!! And if that doesn't make sense, let me just say, I HEAR YOU!!! ;>:> (Oh yea...and that little ditty by Miss Sheryl is the one you would always put on when I asked for something UP after a certain hour! ;>:>) Thanks for the update, can't wait for the fill in'! :>

Your beauty of a creation....oh my word! Not enough words in my vocab this evening to admire it (ask me why when we!). But, I do adore it! :> You, my creative friend, have so much great juju in you and its a wonderful thing!

Heather Rogers said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun girl. Mario? Can I say HOT?!!!

This card is stunning. I love the Dogwood flower paired with the post card. Not grungy at all. I think it is beautiful. :)

Sarah Martina said...

Wow, this is GORGEOUS! Love it!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!! Such your postcard creation!

Dawn said...

Girl you're amazing! This really does look like a stack of old postcards! So nostalgic, almost how you might imagine they would tie old love letters together in the Victorian era. So pretty!

Rosemary said...

oh my girl... you just keep these posts a comin'! i'm so loving hearins of all your adventures and then the coup de grace?? your FANTASTIC and utterly GORGEOUS piece of crafting!! keep it comin', girl... keep it comin'!

~amy~ said... are thee reading about your California Adventures:) and your card...g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

Monique said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!! Just love this postcard style card!! TFS!!

farmhouse-story said...

such vintagey goodness! sounds like you are having a blast!-wonderful:)

Rose said...

absolutely gorgeous card!!!

I am sure you are keeping an eye out for TH *snicker*
You keep having a blast girl :)

Dana Gustafson said...

WHAT on EARTH did you DO???!!?!?? I about fell out of my chair when I saw your layered and shabbied pile 'o postcard LOVE! !!! I am in LOVE love love! It all works so well together that I can't tell where Dawn's stamps and your artistry end and the old vintage postcard begins. I HAVE to see this on in person!

Oh, and the serenade in starbucks??? Well you know what I think about that...YEEEEHAWWWW!

Carol L said...

What, no picture of Mario with you????? What are the odds you'd be in the same coffee shop at the same time?! I hope this is one fantastic trip for you, and I'll be waiting for all the updates as CHA gets under full swing! HAVE FUN!

Becky Dunham said...

I really love this project soooo much!

Andrea M said...

Fabulous Elise! Love this card and the cherry blossoms - makes me think of spring :)
Sounds like LA is off to a great start! It'll be a trip to remember for sure! And who wouldn't remember that song?! It was so darn good!

Jinny Newlin said...

LOVE this little collection of goodies! Every time I look at it, I see something new! Yum-O! And that seam binding ribbon is the perfect, finishing touch!

Unknown said...

This card is amazing!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Stacy Simpson said...

I am IN LOVE with your project today!