Saturday, February 19, 2011

All Eyes On... YOU!

You... Wonderful YOU! All of you lovely folks who take the time to post your dazzling creations made with Wplus9 design studio stamps on our terrific gallery page, here! I am BEYOND impressed by the breadth and overall creative FABULOUSNESS collected on this site, so it was such an amazing concept for this month's All Eyes On segment, when the fabulous Madame W {Dawn! - Sorry, I get so goofy....!} suggested this!

As designers, we had the privilege of exploring the plethora of GORGEOUS samples, shared by Dawn's customers and let me tell ya: it was a beautiful drive....! Pop the top off the old convertible {and pretend it's NOT winter!} and enjoy the view! But like ANY kid in a candy shop: how was I to pick ONE? {Ack!} Well, it WAS NOT EASY! But I finally settled on a most delightful and unique piece by the lovely and amazing Karen Baker! This card BLEW MY MIND! I had to keep staring at it. I had to know WHAT she did and HOW! {Luckily, there is a link to her actual blog post, {which I SOMEHOW missed, originally!} where many details are shared! I encourage you to check it out - YOWZA! - Am I right?

So here's MY little exploration, based on the divine influence of the mighty talented Madame Dragonfly....
{What's with my use of Madame tonight? Too many paint fumes? BUT IT'S ALLL GOOD!}
Here's what I got myself into:

Stamping AND painting on acetate! One of my fave techniques for years, but I haven't dragged it out to play, in sometime! Karen, brilliant and technical whiz that I'm thinking she is.... PRINTED her image directly onto the card stock: FANTASTIC! .... Especially, if you have a printer that has a nice relationship with card stock.. Uh, mine doesn't. BUT THAT'S OKAY! That's why, for my card, I stamped directly onto acetate, and painted BEHIND {think old school animation cell!}...

I started by stamping this gorgeous Cardinal, from Flora & Fauna 1,
with Timber Brown Staz On, direct to the front of the acetate...

This is the ultimate "paint between the lines"! Using acrylic paint, I just go for it!
Turn the piece OVER and add the paint to the backside!
Mistakes? No worries, if you act quickly, you can work off excess paint with your fingernail!
Don't try to wipe the acetate with anything until you are completely done painting.
It's kind of a magnet for fluff. I don't lie. But if you have one of those great pounce talc bags,
meant for printing on plastic, you should be golden... {For me: next time I see one - BUY! BUY! BUY!}
I've heard that a used dryer sheet works okay for this, too.
For now, I'm going to live with the results... Let's move on!

Pretty? Are you being polite?
Dawn's beautiful stamps will take care of all of the detail work - Lookeee!

Since the Cardinal and flowers are stamped to the panel, I decided to
stamp this great sentiment on the INSIDE:

I adore this sentiment, and I love how it fit, SO WELL,
right in that little window... in the WINDOW!

And if you're wondering WHERE or WHERE I came up with these glorious colors...?

How 'bout a little OTWC - Challenge #46!

I took some license with the colors because I don't have a lot of my acrylic paint in Scrapland right now... but here's proof of why I felt I could get away with the green leaves....

What? My blue and yellow paint MADE green - I HAD to! hee hee
{I sure hope the color police don't bust me!}

I have one more shot of the INSIDE of the card.
Since my sewing won't be earning ME any 4H badges anytime soon...

... I made an duplicate panel when I die-cut my circle for the window.
Once the sewing work was done, I just fit the panel to match so
no one has to see my nasty stitch work! ACK!

So... {pant*pant - It's been a CRAFTY night!}...
If you have the means, I'd love for you to visit my fine and super fabulous friends
from Wplus9... THEY are DIVINE! I'm just sayin'... I'm too tired to rhyme...
...cause, I'm out of time.... So I wont act like a mime... I'll just say ...




Sarah Martina

I hope you enjoyed this crazy romp through crafty fabulousness!
I have to admit, I had kind of forgotten about the Wplus9 gallery, so I have
to get busy with some uploading, myself! Meanwhile, if you haven't shared your
beautiful creations there in a while - GIDDY UP! You never know WHO might
get their next heaping cup of mojo from YOUR amazing work! Yee Haw!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9 design studio
Ink - Staz On; Stampin' Up!
Acetate - Stampin' Up!
Pearls - Want2Scrap
Vintage Seam Binding - MIL's stash!
Acrylic Paint - Liquitex
Thread - Gutermann


Karen said...

Okay, I went to Karen's flickr photo and I can Totally see why You picked that to work from! I love that your paper creations are like a little piece of fine art. And Yes! I do love your stamping & acrylic painting on acetate technique....loved it when you taught it, love it each time I use it, and oh so very much love it here! This is one Big piece of Stampaliscious Creative lovin' papercraftin' Heart! :>:> You most Definitely got your Stamp on and some Silly too.....last bit o' love?? Love that I can Always Hear You when I read your posts!!! :>

Dotty Jo said...

Thanks for sharing the low down on how you created that fabulous card hun - yet again my head is in a whirl over your creativity and talent! Jo x

Karen B. said...

Ok, so why haven't I signed on to follow before this? You are so amazingly talented and it is such an honor to be CASED by you! You are right, I did print my image directly onto cardstock, but your way makes things so bright, so fresh, so realistic! Love your creation and now you've got me hooked, I'll be back.

Dawn said...

OMG Elise! Did you channel the creative gods or what! I love the card you chose and I just love your interpretation of it. You are always so fearless and inspire me to try new things. Must get out those acrylics that I HAD to have and then couldn't figure out how to incorporate them into this craft. Oh and can we say Mad props for the shout out to old school animation! LOVE IT.

Rosemary said...

simply said: this card is just amazing, elise! i so love learning about your creative process and seeing the end result.

Unknown said...

Madame Elise.... This is one fabulous creation. Gorgeous details, love it!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

My oh my! LOVE this! Such a creative lady!!!! Paint paint it!

~amy~ said...


A beauty...good the acetate & paint!

Jinny Newlin said...

Absolutely stunning, Elise! And such a sweet, young lady to CASE, too! You've done it beautifully and, always, inspire me to try something new! Thank you ever so much!

farmhouse-story said...

karen is a genius card maker AND so are you!! your painting is gorgeous, elise!--i need to try this technique, but i'm sure its not going to look as great as yours!

Ann said...

This is stunning, Elise! Karen's work is fabulous, & so is YOURS! WoWzA!!!

~Tammy~ said...

Wowzers! My jaw just hit the floor for sure, and I am having a hard time picking it back up! A true artist we know you are, but you keep amazing me! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us at OTWC this week! This is Fantabulous!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Woo hoo for you, great job on casing Karen's fabulous work, very impressed!

Tenia Nelson said...

Wow.....this card is all types of gorgeousness!!!! Thanks for playing over at OTWC this week!!!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Whoooweee! YOU are the wo-man! Good gracious girl, this acrylic on acetate is stunning!

Jaclyn Miller said...

Wow, this card is so cool. Your coloring is amazing and love that birdy in the cutout hole. Thanks for playing along at OTWC.

Pauline said...

This is so beautiful! A real work of art, beautifully painted and constructed. Thanks for sharing xx