Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Want2Scrap Christmas in July?

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I'm putting my little toe in... I'm kind of "early Christmas" phobic...

In other words, you won't catch me cranking out the holiday cards...
Until at least SEPTEMBER! So, this inspiration caught me by surprise...

But something about this pile of Nestabling™, had me seeing Frostilina, the snow-woman!

If you'd like to see how I went from Nestabling™ to NESTA-SnowWo-man,
I would LOVE it if you'd visit my post at the WONDERFUL Want2Scrap™
and let me know if YOU'RE seeing snow flakes in your BLING!

And while you're in the neighborhood, please enjoy the sites and sounds
of our pre-CHA preview for some GLORIOUS brand new products -
and chances to WIN - WIN - WIN Want2Scrap goodies! {HellOOO!}

Wait until you see what we're mixing with Nestabling™!

Together, we can beat the mid-summer heat! THANKS for sledding by!


LeAnne said...

Well, isn't she CUTE! I'll need to skate on over there to see more of her!

Andrea M said...

Oh. My. Goodness. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Elise, this makes me want to sing Christmas carols, break out the seasonal decor and find some snow!!! What an homage to the most wonderful holiday!!! LOVE how shimmery this is! I can't take my eyes off of it!!! Frostilina is FABULOUS!!!

Carol L said...

Frostilina! Hah! I love that one:) She's a real cutie pie with all that bling lighting up the snow! Happy Christmas in July.............I only WISH I felt a little cooler by saying that! LOL

Lisa Somerville said...

Such a creative way to use the nestabling! Love Frostilina!

Rosemary said...

well... i'm sure that FROSTY is a very happy man tonight with the lovely FROSTILINA on his arm... only you could think to create something this cool in the middle of july!!

Karen said...

Whenever I see "Christmas in July," I think of my working in a stamp store days and our Christmas in July sale, with one Elvis Christmas cassette tape playing over and over. lol

BUT, you have just given me a much more pleasurable "Christmas in July" memory to savour!! I love your snow gal, all a sizzlin' in her sparkly bling. And I love all that color on your wintery metal tag. Happy early Merry Christmas, friend! (Hopefully, we can catch up soon....it's been mighty loud in this house this summer & why I haven't called lately. ;>)