Friday, July 15, 2011

This ain't my first RODEO...

...but it's the first one, FESTOONED with buttons! That's RIGHT, friends...
This here cowgirl, got ALL buttony with some DARLING rodeo fashion...!

{Ain't she adorable!?!} She looks mighty fine, hoisting a big ol' ribbon and some
positively easy and FUN to craft, and WEAR, cowgirl fashion. Even after a prize
winning ride, this lil' gal will look DARLING in this button - festooned rodeo wear...!
Just a splash of fresh water from the old pond and she'll be ready to dance the night
away, IN style... Who KNEW an old pillow case and these darling buttons......

...Well, that smile on an even LITTLE'er cowgirl, should help you measure the fun!

But for more details AND convincing, I would LOVE to encourage you to mosey
on over to THIS locale, my FAVORITE spot for Buttons..., Galore & More {Oh, WAIT!
That's what it's called! heh heh} - I'm spillin' all the how to and juicy tidbits, including
MORE party on the FRONT of this here shirt, but you'll have to check out my post
in the LAND of multi button fun, to get the rest of the "dirt" {pun... intended?}....

I'll sure be a humble pup if you let 'em know if you enjoyed my... uh..


{Notice I didn't say enabling... HOWEVER, if you're in the mood to hoard some
fantastic buttons... Just sayin' - you'll want to check out the isles of B G & M!}

I SURE am DELIGHTED you rode on in for the show! Yeee Haaawww!

Supplies -

Buttons - Buttons Galore & More
Horse Image - From an extra pillowcase! - The Company Store
Denim Shirt - Mervyn's {Back in the day!}
Adhesive - Beacon Fabri-tac™
Thread - My Stash!
DARLING cowgirl MODELS - provided by Gustafson Manor! THANKS, you guys! *swack!*


Karen said...

Fantastically cute, both the girl & the handcrafted shirt! :>

Rosemary said...

well... yeee haw!! that is one mighty purdy and button festooned piece of rodeo ware, miss elise!!

Carol L said...

She's a real cutie cowgirl Elise and that shirt with buttons is over the top awesome! She wears it so well too!! Looks like she's ready for some ropin' 'n ridin'!!

~amy~ said...

okay, how adorable is your girl and the shirt is over the top fantabulous Elise!

Andrea M said...

Festooned!!!! LOVE IT!!! This is ADORABLE Elise!!! The little Cowgirl sure is ADORABLE too!! And, looks mighty fine in the buttoned up, gorgeous, cowgirl-wear!!! You are so darn TALENTED!!!

Elise said...

THANKS, you guys! I just have to make sure you know that I can't take credit for my ADORABLE cowgirl models - I borrowed them, courtesy of Paper Daydream, LLC! {!} Thanks, again, Dane & Co.!