Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Us Girls - WILDCARD Challenge

It's a WILD week for our WILDCARD challenge,
and I'm WILD about being the hostess,
so let's get busy! With ZIPPERS! {I know.}
JUST US GIRLS are making art with Zippers!

Not EXACTLY something I wanted to promote in the title of
this post - we get enough flack for our catchy acronym... {!}
But SERIOUSLY, crazy GOOGLE traffic warning aside - Zippers
are HOT! MY job, is to entice and inspire crafters to MAKE
stuff with zippers! I'm hopeful that you might be coaxed into
ALL KINDS OF CREATIONS, but one of the hottest crafting
trends, continues to be ZIPPER FLOWERS! Either way, show
THEM to me! Make something, share it and WE will swoon!

Post THIS flashy graphic and MAKE MY DAY!
{I MADE it! ~ I know. ~ GRAPHICS = not my
area of expertise....} But every now and then, I'm
compelled to wing it! This one wasn't too bad, so
I'll be EXCITED to see it on YOUR blog! So, PLAY!


Here's MORE proof!

our wonderful guest designer for the month of March!
I was positively INSPIRED by her this month -
THANK YOU, dear gal - it WAS a pleasure!

YUM! This was a fun one to make -
I hadn't planned to go GRAPE, but
that's what "the zippers told me to do!"


Seriously, when my supplies talk...
I listen!

Hope to see you... around!
{I'm clasping my hands so I don't write too much
- it's so tempting to make a play on the whole zipper thing,
but I just DON'T want to tempt the spam GODS,
so I HAVE to be good. Anywhoo, if you know me,
you can probably hear what I'd be saying, anyhow!}


Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Flair Designs
Flourish Stamp - PTI
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Chipboard Letters - S/U!
Stickles - Tim Holtz/Ranger
Craft Ink - S/U!
Tag - Ranger
Wire - Artistic Wire


Dana Gustafson said...

Grapes! You made gapes with yor zippers?!??? Oh girl you blow my mind! Loved this challenge and love where your zippers told you to go!
PS: I DO know you and I AM laughing....

Lynn said...

Holy moses...all I could think was single flower and look at you. Rocking the zippers. Love, love, love what you did!

Marisa said...

You took those zippers to the max - LOVE it!!! Totally fabulous idea and challenge. It's been wonderful playing alongside you ladies this month :)

Carol L said...

What an amazing creation, and I'm just gawking at all those zipper flowers!!! They're hot hot hot!! I like the poster you created too, and I'd share it on my blog, but I don't have a single zipper in the house.....except for the ones on my baggies, and that's not quite what you're looking for :) Very creative work ELise, I'm VERY impressed with your idea!!

Lisa Kind said...

I was thinking that this looked like a bunch of grapes! So cool! I love all your zippers! You were really busy with those zippers! (Can I say that? LOL!!) Seriously, this is so pretty and I love what you inspired all of us to do this week! Great challenge!

Rose said...

goodness girl this is AWESOME!!!
LOVE how you played with the zippers :)

Vicki Dutcher said...

Completely AWESOME! Wow the team out did themselves with your challenge this week!!

Andrea M said...

Absolutely BREATHTAKING! Elise, this is AMAZING! Seriously, there are no words…well, maybe a few, incredible words ;) WOW-ZAS!!! Way to knock this one right out of the park Elise! Great wildcard challenge friend!

Rosemary said...

eeekkk!!! that is absolutely amazing!! makes me want to go out and buy some zippers... yeee haw!!

Heather said...

I just came over from the JUGS blog to comment on your grapes! A truely inspired idea. They are so cute!