Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEW bling and a Want2Scrap LAYOUT!

That's right, my FRIENDS - I used TWO very important words in
the SAME title ... "NEW bling" and "LAYOUT!" You definitely
read it correctly! {I made a SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT!}

If you and I have crafted together, in REAL life, you must know that
it has been extremely difficult for me to work on traditional layouts
for several years, due to a particularly painful situation that robbed
me of the spirit to create scrapbook layouts, the way I always had done,
avidly. But, thanks to unwavering support from my local
community, DEAREST friends and the valiant efforts of
ONE super woman,
who owns a wonderful independent Scrapbook store, I can,
at long last get BACK to the kind of scrapbooking, I love best.
{Thank you, HELENE! YOU are my SHEro!}

So, to compliment the recent return of MY MEMORIES {literally!},
It is with great delight that I share with you that I have, officially,
accepted the classification of "Scrapbook Layout Designer"
from the fabulous company, Want2Scrap®. There is a TON
of exciting news and developments, as well as TONS of new
product coming out of Want2Scrap® this year - I HOPE you'll
take some time to catch up with their blog, store and RELAUNCHED,
enhanced and BETTER THAN EVER new design team! Starting
April 1st - it ALL GOES LIVE!

But DON'T WAIT TO BE DAZZLED! It is my supreme hope
that you will visit my post at Want2Scrap®, RIGHT NOW,
to learn about all of the blinged out and HIDDEN details
of this love-filled Scrapbook LAYOUT!

{I REALLY want you to see it! Really!}

Have a SPLENDID day, and PLEASE check me,
gettin' my SCRAP onnnnnn, at Want2Scrap®!


Jinny Newlin said...

This is absolutely stunning, Elise! LOVE all that bling and your neutral combination of papers! Congratulations on your new gig! Can't wait to see more! Hugs!

oliveborgnine said...

Like an artisan, a scrapbooker must get motivated. For some it's images or a celebration, others are motivated by shelves in a memory book supply store or enjoying their preferred tune.

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Barb said...

Welcome back to the land of scrap! ;-) So glad that chapter is behind you now....so close that book completely and enjoy your fresh new start! xoxoxo

~amy~ said...

wahooooooooooo...happy new gig and wowza...love your layout...that quote is thee best.

Rosemary said...

a fabulously blinged out layout my friend!! you definitely have your craft on, girl!!

Mynn xx said...

Oh, Elise! This is amazing! LOVE the soft yellow with the black bling! What a fabulous quote, too! You're such a fabulous crafter! :)

Dana Gustafson said...

You GO, Elise Durenberger, SCRAPBOOKER! I heart your work!

Carol L said...

What an amazing layout, and I didn't even shiver when you cut the bling apart, aren't you proud of me?! LOL Hey, it's more bang for the buck to stretch things as far as they can go, and you improved it by using it the way you did! I wasn't aware of your issues with scrapping, but I'm glad they're behind you, because you've created a very special page here!