Monday, February 3, 2014

How I Fell In Love With Painting Old Cars...

A few years back, I re-discovered a beautiful, roadside destination in the Alexander
Valley in the heart of the wine country, Sonoma County, California.  I used to stop 
there frequently when my kids were small, but it had been a while....

HOW it was that I forgot...?  I can't even explain...  LOOK at how adorable it is!
If you've never been, you should SEE the inside!  Yummy FOOD/darling vintage
collectibles and gifts..  Make a trip to the Jimtown Store an important item on 
your bucket list...  TRUST me, you'll love it! 

In addition to the wonderful ambiance and outstanding food, there's THIS classic,
 former firetruck, converted to be the perfect icon and mobile advertisement... 
and I HAD to paint it.  The above image is a photo of a painting that 
I completed a few summers back.  It all happened innocently enough...   
I'm no car fanatic, but how could you not fall in love with this baby?

Little did I know that it would lead to more....

I'm SO excited to share with you that I am the artist for 
Petaluma's Cruisin' the Boulevard, our town's salute to 
the iconic coming of age movie, American Graffiti
shot in our little corner of California over 40 years ago. 

It's a HUGE honor and a fabulous celebration.  If you have the
opportunity to be in this area, May 15th, 16th & 17th, I hope you'll
consider joining the immense fun when the entire downtown goes
back in time...  Where were YOU in '62?  LOL

More on this painting and my process to come...  

Thanks for cruisin' on through!