Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pet Portraits by Elise Durenberger

Testing, 1, 2....  Testing!  Hello!!!!  {Is this thing on?}

If I have ANY friends left in blogland, I have MANY amends to make.
I've been out in the world, having picked up and "old trail" and I forgot
to take you with me... My apologies!  I'm still the proud owner of FAR
too many stamps & paper crafty supplies {and DREAMS!}, but this is
me, 2.0 {or 40-something...!} stepping out, into the light of PAINTER
girl, woman.  Following a semester of "re-entry" education in Adobe 
classes, and a LOT of paint under my nails, I'm working to update my blog 
to feature my true calling, fine art painting.  This painting I have shared, 
above, is a commission piece I completed last month and delivered
 to the over-joyed kitty companion...  It was a great thrill and wonderful 
reminder of my mission, long pursued, but often taken for granted. 
 I look forward to sharing many of my recent pieces, some thoughts on
 how they were inspired & created, but also some exciting new projects, 
as they progress. Soon, I will be sharing a very exciting piece that was 
completed to mark a very cool, annual celebration we have in our area 
to commemorate a classic movie that was filmed right in the historic
 down town..

I hope you'll consider checking in with me as I update this blog to better 
reflect the art that is the most important to me at this time in my journey...  

{Not to say I won't pop out a crafty-driven project from time to time...!}

Thank you, with all of the gratitude of my heart!


Marisa said...

Fabulous kitty painting!! Love the cars too :) Well done on both!

Hannelie said...

Good to see you again Elise...love your painting... wow!

~amy~ said...

Oh Elise, your work is AMAZING

Dotty Jo said...

Glad to see you are following your creative heart sweet girl! Love 'n' hugs from your crafting buddy in the UK, Jo x

Nancy said...

Good for you to continue your passion! You are so creative in all your endeavors! Can't wait to see more!