Saturday, May 2, 2009

This entry should be about a SNAIL!

But it's not. It's about a last minute entry to Kristina Werner's color challenge #50! I'm probably the last one to "link-up!" But what the heck! I'm still extremely "green" here in blog land, but one of these days I'll figure out where and when all of the challenges take place! *sigh* At least I'm having fun! I sure hope you are, too! So, for your consideration:

And the palette of the day (challenge) is:

If you only knew how much it scares me every time I insert a graphic, off a super-star, like Kristina Werner's blog, and I do it... RIGHT! Urrr, or at least it SHOWS up where I intended! Wahoo! It's just one of those little victories that keep me in the game! Anyway, isn't that a juicy photo of that darling pin-cushion! Ceee-ute!

Here's a shot I took of my card, trying to look artsy! Ha! I just can never get these quite right! Check out my ROCK STAR (sing it, when you read it!) friend and blogging mentor, Dana from Paperdaydream: she's having just a wee-bit of success (total sarcasm there: the girl's on FIRE!) right now, and I am in awe! Anywhoo, besides the fact that her paper crafts are A-mazing, she has long floored me with her ability to photograph them in a way that looks 100% professional and all Martha Stewarty! She's my SHEro!

So, there are about 17,000,000,000 entries into this color challenge (that might be a slight exaggeration..., but I'm just sayin', there's A LOT!) and Kristina says that she'll be looking at them ALL! Holy Moly! You go girl! Here's my offering, thank you FOR providing such cool inspiration and breath taking design! I appreciate you sharing all that you do and thank you for letting me join in the fun!

All C/S and Patterned Paper - S/U!
Billboard die-cut letters - S/U! and Sizzix
Small dot patterned embossing plate/ woodgrain embossing plate - S/U! & Sizzix
Stamps - (Forest Friends & Paisley Back Ground) S/U!
Chipboard "A" - S/U!
Vellum - S/U!
Scallop and circle punch - S/U!
Ribbon - Offray

So, that about wraps it up for today, folks! Thanks, AS ALWAYS, for taking a few minutes out of your day, to MAKE MY DAY, by reading my little blog! I am always honored to think that you might enjoy what you've seen and if you have an extra second to leave me a comment, just know that it makes me feel a little taller in the saddle, and a little more joyful ALL THE DAY LONG! Have a great Saturday!


Dana Gustafson said...

Hoooooot! This card is so CUUUUUUUTE! And I dare say, your hunk of tree looks for real! This is so classic Elise with the many layers of paper and texture all happily living together on the same page. Speaking of page, this reminds me of your scrapping....which I can't wait to see more of.

Ummmm, and yeah, about that whole SHEro thing...I can only say "well golly gosh, THANKS" Now I'm all blushing. You are too sweet!

Karen said...

Lovin' all the dimension on your card and yet its still a perfect one for the good ol' USPS! Your owl looks quite at home in that Fab tree!!! You never seem to amaze me with what you can do with any image! :>

SmilynStef said...

Love that awesome woodgrain embossing on your tree trunk ... fabulous job with the color challenge and your artsy photos.

tg said...

I this adorable, love it so much. You nailed the colors too. Did you freehand the stump? The owl theme is way too cute. You guys are just rocking the posts.

Rosemary said...

Hey E! You R A Hoot!!! This card is stupendous! Love it! I'm glad you entered, as opposed to me who made a card, but didn't enter it!!! (tee hee!)

Leasha said...

Hey Lady! LOVE your little SPOT. I'd recognize that SPOT anywhere! I think I need to be your little shadow and maybe soak up some of your creative talent... HEY... guess what! I graduate at the end of this month! Then I'll have LOTS of time to play with ponies!!!! LETS DO IT! Hugs... :)