Monday, May 18, 2009

Time Traveler...

One of the most magical parts of scrap booking is the ability to travel back through time... Most of us love pictures and ALWAYS have, since we were little and just learning the meaning of "captured moments," and how photographs can preserve our memories. This past weekend, I had the terrific fortune to "retreat" with some wonderful crafty, scrappy gals, good music, yummy food (A LOT of laughter!) and memories. I left for this retreat planning to fall in love again! I was not surprised by this phenomena, since I literally took myself on a second honeymoon (quite unexpected, at THAT time...), by spending one retreat working on, nothing else but, my wedding album! (I'm not making any poor {as in taste} jokes here, btw! *you're welcome!* tee hee)

Anywhoo, THIS retreat I swooned over MY BABIES! I've gotten ridiculously behind in my "time-line" scrap booking, but no worries: WHEN I get to it, time is preserved in my pictures and then I get to tell the story and relive life's little moments! Wow! (I think I just tossed out names of 15 scrapbook stores or companies just in this one little post.. *chuckle* )

If you've ever scrapped in a group setting, you know that we scrappers are prone to "sharing", not only our GENEROUS supplies, but also OUR stories! Stories and exclamations of love, more stories, more sharing and sometimes even TEARS! Lot's of tears! But it's allllllll good! It's all a part of the journey!

So here I was, on this retreat, reliving the time in my life when my BABY (who had her 8th birthday last month!) had just turned ONE! Goodness gracious! This is my maiden voyage into posting scrap work, so bare with me: photography gets tricky for me here! Not only is this new to my blog, but I was working VERY freely, scraping pix printed LONG ago, pre-digital, so I'm making due with bad lighting, unfortunate color choices and a whole lot of red-eye (not so different from MY CURRENT PHOTOGRAPHY, actually! heh heh), but what the heck: we're all friends here! So, for your pleasure, my wee girl and boy (had recently turned 4 in this pict.!), gettin' their groove on! Check out the boy's grin: was he the proud, big bro or WHAT! Recently, I've been working on much more technically challenging work, so this is good and simple fun with lots of help from CRICUT combined with old AND new materials alike! Check out this little dangly tag I made combining and OOOOOOlllllldddd "Junkitz" tile, some card stock, fiber and HAMBLY!!! Whoooooooooo!

Here's one more shot of the page: I had a tough time getting it to focus on the ENTIRE L/O, so we'll see if this one shows up a bit nicer!

The photo got a little smoky in this one, but the colors and detail seem a bit more true to life, so what the heck! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for letting me share with you, AGAIN! I was delighted by lots of fun comments on my last post as I zipped up and headed off for fun! Now that I'm getting unpacked and re-organized... hope to be visiting lots of you, soon! Can't wait to see what you've been working on!


C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/S - Basic Grey
Rub on and transparency - Hambly
Fiber - ?
"2002" tile - Junkitz
Cricut cartridges - All Mixed Up & Street Signs
Quote sticker - ?


Unknown said...

Such sweet pics of the kids! Hope you had a great & relaxing getaway!

Rosemary said...

Ohhhh, what an adorable picture! Love it! This makes me want to get back to scrappin'! Can't wait to see what else you post!!

Karen said...

The net ate my first attempt to, I'm gonna try again! :>

YAY!! You used your Bug!!! Such a sweet pic. V still calls A "Brother" more often than not, unless she starts wagging her finger and giving him the business, then she uses his name! :> Loving all the Hambly rub ons! I have a TON of rub ons and I always forget to use them! (Yes, I can feel Claire thumping me on the head right now!!) :> Glad you had a great time!!

dtarca said...

Thats very cool Elise! I love the lettering. I'm going to have to look at that one!! Great layout.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Don't you just love how the little ones play nicely together (WHEN they play nicely together... lol!)

Great job!

Dana Gustafson said...

E mama! This is a treasure in your babies history :) That little fluffy haired girl and kindly big brother can just make your heart swell to infinity with all of their cuteness! I am so there with you in the "falling in love" all over again with your life, your babies, your love through scrapping the photographic evidence of it all. As always, you know how to make a treasured photo shine.

tg said...

How cute! Such a great moment to capture.