Friday, September 4, 2009

A BLOGOVER and some Christmas MOXIE!

I'm finally getting into the spirit-o-Christmas, like many of y'all... And just for kicks, I thought I'd update the old blog with a BLOG-OVER! Not exactly the "Ty Pennington" of blog updating, but this old dog did find some fun between frustrating attempts with Photoshop and two separate versions of PrintShop, e-mailing back and fourth between computers.... blah, blah, blah, BLOG-OVER! {G'bless you!}

And after choosing some pleasing new colors to compliment my graphics, I go and post CHRISTMAS cards! Woopsie! { Can you say, "color clash!" } Oh the frustrations of a color-lovin' paper crafter never cease. Well, never mind all that, because Moxie Fab World is hunting for some Christmas Spirit with a cool challenge for STAMPED Christmas images! I've included four different cards for their consideration. I hope to spread some joyful anticipation of the season, which, astonishingly enough, isn't that far off! {Please forgive my rambling, once again: too much time and too much coffee imbibed in front of this little machine....} Let me just share some holiday fun with you lovely folk:

A nice, warm but wintery card, to get you thinking thoughts of magical snowflakes, etc.
(All supplies by Stampin' Up!)

Card #2
A heaping helping of Christmas Cheer!
(All supplies by Stampin' Up!)

Card #3
More Christmas and a cheerful scene, highlighted by background snowflakes
stamped with a PENCIL ERASER and white craft ink!
~No extra charge for the high tech stampin' tip for the day! Hee Hee~
(All supplies, besides #2 pencil, courtesy of Stampin' Up!)

Card #4
Vintage Holiday Wishes!
Santa Photo and ADORABLE little girl courtesy of the Durenberger Family!
That's my MIL, c.1943! She sure was a doll!
(Paper flowers, D/P and sentiment - MM; C/S, ribbon, Damask and postal image stamps - Stampin' Up!; Half pearls - Martha Stewart Crafts)

So there you have it, lovely friends! I sure hope you get to put your hands to some good, old fashioned stampin' today! It sure can make a gal feel right with the world, if ya know what I mean!


Rosemary said...

Oh my goodness! You have been busy, blog-over and all! Wonderful, wonderful Christmas goodness, sugarplum!! It's beginning to look a lot like......

Beth said...

Like the make-over, Elise! You're so "big time"! Congrats on the Top 5 at SPCC!!!

Karen said...

LOL!!!!! Well, that'll teach me to stop in at my email BEFORE checking my blog...and seeing YOUR update!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog makeover!!! And think you and your cards are fabulous (Moxie-style or not!)! #2 & #4 make me swoon and what a great way to use a family pic for some vintage ephemera! :>

Dana Gustafson said...

Yay blog over! Feel like a fresh new girl now? Love your new digs and you'll have to hold my hand through my blog identity crisis okay? Nice profile pic by the way....;)

Cards...yay christmas! Love em all but the vitnage with your MIL just knocks my socks off...but you new that didn't you?

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh cool! No more password on your comments!

Ramona said...

You have definitely spread the Christmas cheer with these cards! YOU GO!

Anonymous said...

Dear E,
I see your creative juices are flowing freely again. I love all your Christmas cards. It reminds me that it is that time of year to begin planning for the holidays.
The EKG is over as well as the blood work. Yay! The nurse even took my photo of the day for project 365 with my EKG draped over me. It didn't look like an earthquake to me so I think it was normal.
I hope to paper craft all three days of the holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day to you, your family and all your bloggers.
Linda B.(aka Fifi la Rouge)

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards! Now I feel like eating Christmas cookies, or drinking hot chocolate!

itsallrosi said...

love the blogover (MOVE THAT BUS!!!) and your moxie fab cards!

Dotty Jo said...

Hey Elise, love the new look blog and your beautiful Christmas cards! I love them all but have a soft spot for those little mittens and all that lilac! Congrats on your SPCC win - I saw your card and did a big wooohooo! Have a great weekend, big hugs fom the UK, Jo x

Courtney Baker said...

Great blog makeover! I actually noticed your picture had changed before I even made it over here! I've actually been thinking about updated mine. I actually no longer have blonde hair.

Super cute cards! I have to say I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the third and fourth. Ah, so pretty!

Winter said...

These are great! I LOVE the last one! That photo is too sweet! It needs to be published! :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Wow... great Christmas cards! I don't think I can pick a fav but I am partial to the vintage one! What a great idea to use that pic of your MIL!! Sooooo cute! Thanks for the eraser tip! Will have to remember that one! :) Super cards Elise!!

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

Hey Elise! Thanks for entering the challenge (x4)!