Thursday, March 17, 2011

A lot of LUCK!

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That's what I wish for us ALL on this fine, fun & festive day-o-the-green!
{Insert Irish brogue here!}
May rainbows and shamrocks be smilin' upon you,
and the biggest pot of gold, sparkle deep in your soul....

But ... just... in you're not feelin' GREEN enough.... I have a special
satchel full of St. Patty's Day cheer, and a LOT of "E-ster style blarney" to share !
So, don't get your MUSSY in a TUSSY! I've GOT enough blarney for US ALL!

Speaking of blarney! I never EVEN knew what a Tussy Mussy was, until I saw my nifty and ever so crafty friend, Dana, aka PaperDaydream make something exquisite and then explain the term "Tussy Mussy." Hmmmm. I always thought they were those elegant little cones, people put flowers in for weddings and home dec! Now I know they have a FUNNY name!
{This old gal learns somethin' new - well, REALLY everyday!}

Anyway, whatEVER you call them - I made one!

It's filled with lots of LUCK! Lots of blinged out, green-a-licious,
this is better than green beer, Irish blessings and LUCK!
So ask yourself THIS question:
Do YOU feel lucky!?!

I hope so!

I am the WAY lucky recipient of some SUPER fabulous Spellbinder's Dies,
as a benevolent celebration of the union of Want2Scrap and their fantastic
new line of BLING, that is created to coordinate, perfectly with many super
Spellbinder's dies - it's a match made in crafty HEAVEN! Anywhoo, part of
my fabulous booty, came in the form of the nested pennant die collection! In my
christening of this AWESOME tool, I created a super fun and easy way
to assemble a festive cone of LUCK! {Not to be confused with the "cone of shame!}

One piece of card stock = 4 pennants {largest of the collection}

Select two of the pieces and your favorite scoring tool.
Score straight down the middle of the triangle.

Score evenly along both sides, starting at 1/2" in and meeting
approximately 1/4" from the bottom.

The outside scores create flaps, that will be used to secure the cone together.

Work the center fold...

Then the sides..., think "accordian"...

The end result of your folding, should resemble a paper airplane.

*Maybe you DON'T want the aerospace engineers in your family to
get a peek at this! {I really did give it a test flight! It works!}

Snip off the tops of each side flap at an angle so they won't
poke out of the top of your TUSSY! {I just like saying "tussy"}

With the large fold facing in, apply glue on the "wings" and secure to one of the two unfolded pennant shapes.
{Before I did this step, I ran my two flat pieces through
an embossing folder! You could stamp, emboss, or decorate
as you are inspired! Probably want to do that FIRST! Doh!}

Here's a view from the top!

For added visual interest {or FUNCTION!} I added ribbon, before I finished my cone,
so that if I wanted to secure it to a chair or pole, it would be stronger and - more "purdy!"
{I didn't use this on my Leprechaun cone, however, I went a far blingier route!!!}

Attach this last piece along the flaps from the three sided
piece with your favorite quick dry adhesive.

Now it looks like this:

To top off my lil' creation, I cut three pieces of white card stock with the
largest of my Labels Nine die. It fits PERFECTLY to the top of this shape!

{Look for ANOTHER post, soon, about how much I love using these together!}

Two for the back, that will be glued together, and one for the front, that will be folded.

Embellish these as you like and yell: KISS ME, I'm IRISH!

{Insert the appropriate exclamation, if you're not Irish, but believe me
you'll have some whootin' and hollering to do when this comes together!}

This is how it looks from the back!

For MORE exciting info on my blinged-out medallion...

....I would LOVE it if you'd click on over to Want2Scrap, and see just how this
bejeweled embellie came to life! THIS type of green makes me think Dorthy was
CRAZY to leave the Emerald City! KWIM! Owwww, that bling just feels like SPRING!

I hope this {LONG! Sorry!} tutorial didn't get you all mussy. Or fussy.
Unless, you liked... my TUSSY! And if you DID, and whether or not
there's a wee bit of Irish spirit in YOUR morning coffee... {!} I hope you'll
try this! Please, please, please, check out my post on Want2Scrap, so that
WHATEVER crafty and amazing thing you create next, you'll know EXACTLY
how to bling it OUT to sparkly perfection! THERE'S so, unbelievably much fun
crafty stuff at the Want2Scrap store - if you haven't walked the isles {hee hee}
you should treat yourself! Be sure to check out the Nestabling that coordinates
with some of the MOST amazing Spellbinder's dies - EVER! {*Swooooon!*}

Don't we just LOVE our paper crafts, soooooooo! YEEEEE HAW!

Have a delightfully green and festive day!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9 {shamrock}; S/U! {Background, Sentiment}Waltzing Mouse {pennant stamp}
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Steel Dies - Spellbinder's
Embossing Folders - Cuttlebug
Baker's Twine - Paper Treats
Die Cut Letters - Tim Holtz/Sizzix
Perfect Pearls Powder & Glimmer Mist - Ranger
Dimensional Adhesive - Ranger
Bling, bling and MORE bling - Want2Scrap


Rosemary said...

so... about all i can say is HOW AMAZINGLY CREATIVE ARE YOU???? way too amazingly creative!! if i ever get those pennant dies i will definitely have to give your little project a try!! yeee haw!!!

Jinny Newlin said...

Such a great tutorial, Miss Crafty! Love, love, LOVE your project and all that bling! Scrumptious! TFS!

Cassie_lu said...

this project looks amazing and thank you for providing a tutorial on how you did it.

Carol L said...

Now that's a great use of those pendant Nesties! Girl, you create things I'd never even dream of, and they all turn out fabulous! I LOVE this blinged out St. Patty's day medallion! Awesome job on this, and thanks for the good luck wishes......I'm sending them all right back atcha girl!! You rock in emerald city :)

Heather Rogers said...

How fun, Elise. This is a fabulous idea. Love the little Leprechaun. The embossing and bling are all put together perfectly. :)

farmhouse-story said...

what a wonderful project, elise! love how you used the pendants to make the tussy mussy--however did you think that one up?!--awesome!

papertrails leaver said...

Wow! This is off the charts fab! I love the cone of luck! Too cute! Congrats on the win and making use of the dies! :-) Amy

Andrea M said...

WOW! This is one fine tussy mussy (he, he!!!). What a sparkly, green, fabulous tribute to this wonderful Irish occasion!!! Love the bling!!! Way too FABULOUS!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is so beautiful, Elise. I can't get over all the details. I love the little "Luck" banner across the top.

Dana Gustafson said...

Ummmm, yeah! My tussy mussy never was THIS cool! And I so did not look at the pennant dies and think of the aerospace engineering that you did...but THAT is one of the many reasons I love coming along for the creative ride with you! You know why that leprechaun looks so happy right? Cuz e's got your tussy mussy to play in! Way to go my green blooded friend!

Monique said...

What a great St.Patrick's Day Project Elise... I love it.. And thanks for the tutorial GF!! You Rock.. Have a great weekend!!

Karen said...

I'm not mussy or tussy, but I'm in St. Patty's love with your mussy tussy!! What a fantastic way to use that pennant die...soo original!! And I want to reach straight through my monitor to touch that medallion with the punched hearts & raised bling...yum! Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day, Elise! :>

Brook said...

I just LOVE these banner dies. I've gotta get me some. Your project is wonderful. Love the paper airplane too.