Monday, April 4, 2011

My secret is OUT!

It's today, it's today, IT'S TODAY!

{I have news!}

It's a bevy of BUTTONS.... & ooh, sooooooo much more! Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm all gushy and blushing.... Well, NOT exactly like I looked in these pictures,
but giddy, nonetheless. I am PROUD to introduce a company with whom I am now
designing for.... {So m-u-c-h POSSIBILITY!} I hope you'll put your mouse and clicking
finger together for THIS fabulous site and access to some, MOST treasurable, bits for
embellishing your EVERY crafty project, home and THEN some.....

I am a designer for Buttons Galore and MORE {and do I mean MORE!}
Please, please, please {yes, I'm groveling here!}, will you PLEASE go by
this lovely blog and give a little love to the fine stable of WAY diverse and
super crafty gals who will be leading the charge for inspiration and projects
a plenty...

And feel free to tell 'em I sent you! {Seriously!}

This effort will not be without potential reward: there is a WONDERFUL
give-a-way to be had.... AND all kinds of creative goodness, oozing out of
the place - SINCERELY - talk about getting your CRAFT ONNNNNNNN!
Honey, baby, sweetheart, you ain't seen 'NOTHIN' quiet yet!

Make sure you "meet" the designers {Yipeeee!} and get signed up to win
some wonderful goodness and find inspiration and resources for DAYS!
{Weeks, YEARS - you get the idea!}

Meanwhile, I hope you'll check out ALL of the blazin' hot new projects,
including one from lil' ol' me..{!} Featuring LOTS of the product, pictures
and memorabilia {pictured above} onnnnnnn Thursday! {I'll REALLY
need your love on THAT post! It's VERY, very, VERY special to my heart...

So there you have it, friends! Some of my MOST favorite companies are flinging
out the good stuff to make our hearts beat faster and our craftiness... CRAFTIER!

{HOW COOL is THAT!?!?!}

I truly appreciate your support, from the bottom of my button-crazed, all things crafty,
lovin' heart! THANK YOU for stopping by and go, win some loot! Yee Haw!


Monique said...

Congratulations Elise!! I will check it out for sure :)

Becky Dunham said...

Oh my Elise :) I am thinking you are a little excited about this new turn in your life! I will go right now and check it out! I love buttons and other embellishments so sure I will love it :)

Dana Gustafson said...

How cool is that? Well it's very VERY cool! Wahoo! Look at you rock the buttons and the photos. Can't wait to see what you've made on thursday!!! congrats girl!

papertrails leaver said...

This very uber chic! Contests sweetie! I am heading over to give some love! :-) Amy

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Sweet!!! My gosh this is your year!!!!! LOVE it!!! Congratulations darlin' and of course! Wherever you go, I must follow!!!!

Off to check it out!

I am a button freak. no doubt gonna love it!

Jinny Newlin said...

HUGE congrats, Elise! How exciting! They couldn't have gotten a more deserving sweet lady! And I've never met a crafter who didn't LOVE buttons! Woohoo!

~amy~ said...

woot wootie woot woot Elise!!!!!!

farmhouse-story said...

a big congrats to you, elise!! enjoy the fun!

Dotty Jo said...

Wooo hooo hooo! Congrats to you my super talented and in demand friend!!!! Jo x

Karen said...

Coooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngrats!!! As a button addict, can't wait to see you rock the Buttons Galore & More! And does that mean we're gonna see some scrappy pages too??!! Hope so! :>

Tina W. (TeaDub) said...

Woo hoo...congrats Elise! Can't wait to see your wonderful creations!

Andrea M said...

YAY!!!! So happy for you girl!!! Can't wait to see what amazing things you're gonna whip up with all those goodies!!!!

Rose said...

woot woot for you girl :)

off to check it out now :)