Friday, May 27, 2011

Engineering with paper....

...for Father's Day and the latest, craftiest JUGS challenge - YEOWZA!

We HAD fun!

I'll have to admit RIGHT now, that as a kid, I was kinda envious, when some of my
guy friends and brothers got to go to "Indian Guides..." Bear cubs - what EVER they were....
I wanted to do something outdoorsy with MY dad... So I channeled that for this project..

{Not to discredit my sweet mama, who was a BROWNIE leader, extraordinaire!}

But this one's for the DAD'S! The "Pinewood Derby" building, engineering types....

I built me a tiny TEE PEE! Yes, I did!

Check out ALL the 3D fun that's happening with Just Us Girls!

The WHOLE team is in 3D! Seriously! Get you GLASSES, now!


AND... our lovely and ULTRA talented guest designer for May, Clare Buswell,
we've been sooooooo inspired by her this month! THANK you SOOOO much, Clare!

Meanwhile, if you're not too tired from all the history projects YOU helped do this year
{I'm talking to YOU, 4th & 5th grade mothers - you KNOW who you are! Lol!}
Here's how I built my fun lil' TEE PEE!

Once again, my SpellbindersTM pennant die is NOT just for pennants!

In this case, it's a TEE PEE panel template, only I added the edges
and then scored them with my trusty MS score machine! {Love IT!}

I stamped the edges with a BEAUTIFUL Aztecky-Western patterned stamp
by my FAVORITE Western stamp artist, Claire from Waltzing Mouse Stamps!
{Meow!!!! ~ or, uh, should I say, NEIGGGHHHH!!!!!}
Oh, and I added a little entrance for my TEENY tiny Indian Dad..
{Wait - where was THIS idea when my kid did his report on the
"Indian in the Cupboard"! Drats! I am READY for summer vacation!}

Edges were glued!

Paper was distressed and separated to make "beams"...

Here's how the construction looks from the inside of the TEE PEE!

I traced the bottom of my TEE PEE foundation and then straightened
the lines with a ruler and added the edge for gluing...

I don't know if you can see the pencil lines ~ here's how it looked after I cut it out...
Then, generously gluing the flaps, I just popped it right into the bottom! Bam!

I cut off the top of my TEE PEE! Ouch!

But then I added the "beams" and I was good to GO!

Hot on the trail of little Hiawatha and OTHER such strange childhood memories...

Happy thoughts of FATHER'S DAY in your neck of the woods! I truly hope you'll
join us {as in JUST us GIRLS!} for the paper-craftiest fun in all the blogland!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - October Afternoon
Stamps - Waltzing Mouse Designs; Stampin' Up!
Ink - Stampin' Up!; Versafine; Colorbox


Karen said...

Woman, you are insanely freakin' fabulous!!! Of course, I hope you do know I mean that in the most wonderful way. What you come up with has my jaw dropping on the floor, time and time again. A paper teepee?! WOWZA!! :>:>:> That, and you, simply rock! :>

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...


LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it!!

OMG.... seriously... I bow down before you, girl.

This is amazing.. AND? The fire scene???????????

I want to dance around the fire and do a dance!!!!!


Rosemary said...

how the freakin' heck do you come up with this stuff??? a PAPER TEEPEE??!!! it is freakin' genius!! you, my friend, are completely and utterly UBER TALENTED!!! yeeehaw!!!

Kristin Eberline said...

Elise Durenberger! No you didn't make a tee pee and adorable camp site to nestle it in!! Oh yes you DID!! (I'm channeling you there :) I cannot get over how absolutely clever your tee pee is! You're quite the engineer, my sweet friend. I LOVE that you made your campsite complete with an actual working campfire and little logs for the campers to sit on. The beams for your tee pee are the perfect touch along with the realistic stitching on your "rawhide". This is over the top amazing, my dear! I'm sure your dad is smiling over this little treasure ♥

LeAnne said...

You are something else, GF!!! THis is awesome and guess what----I HAVE THOSE DIES and never even opened them yet!!! What an cozy, creative little scene you've created here. I just keep looking at it over & over!!!! I wish I could have taken some of your creative brain cells home with me last week!!! LOL! Super duper!!!

Maria said...

OMG, get out that is awesome!! SOO CUTE and I love your "display" with the "fire" and all!!! FABULOUS JOB!

Happyone or South Coast Sheila said...

Wow Girl are you creative, I just love your little scene. Definitely an eye for detail!

~amy~ said...

**thud** you are a paper crafting genius over the top WOW is this?

Andrea M said...

OMG!!! OMG!!! Holy smokes! This is down right A-MAZING!!!! You are a creative genius!!! I MEAN it - no hyperbole here. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I honest-to-god, fully decorated, ready-to-move-in, TEE PEE!!!! With a fire! Speechless… You are a wonder my friend and I am so glad you're on the JUGS team!!!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Well shoot girl! You done gone and blown my paper loving mind! Goes without saying that your teepee is amazing and I do wish I could sit around that campfire with you...maybe convince you to sing a or two. How do you do it?

farmhouse-story said...

oh, my, this is SO awesome and SO clever, elise!!

Sue Lelli said...

Leave it to YOU Elise to create an entire scene! Does the fire really light up??!! This is so FAB it's beyond words!

Paula Parrish said...

So cute and creative!

Carol L said...

I almost missed this post, but I'm glad I came back and found it! This is so flippin fantastic I can't describe it! MY DH collects native American artifacts, and I WISH I could make him something unique like this! He'd go nuts over it!! You are just amazing with the creativity you possess!! This is out of this world FABULOUS!!!