Friday, June 24, 2011

We're JUGS #90 - to LIFT-OFF!

"Mission control ~ Mission control...! Mission control - do you read?"


"HOUSTON! We have a problem!"

Too much CAFFEINE on-board... and TOO MUCH FUN with paper craft!

"Tower - what is our best option?" "Do you copy?"
"I repeat - how do we solve THIS problem...........?"

Hey, I know! GET your paper 'n stuff, and PLAY ALONG WITH Just Us Girls!

This is your chance to officially greet summer -
Paper CRAFTY style! It doesn't matter WHERE
you are from! Just make something 3D and
celebratory of your country - and WE are
guaranteed to SWOON! {You WILL, too!}

As you can see, I got a little carried away.... *ahem!* As USUAL!
Reminiscent of this project, I grabbed a little of ANYTHING that
looked like it would play with me, to make this rocket ship! Starting
with Spellbinders™ Pennant Dies as templates, once again - I made
materials, who don't ordinarily talk to each other, become FRIENDS!
Tracing and folding, inking and gluing and FUN, FUN, FUN!

But speaking of FUN! CHECK out what my lovely, Just Us Girly - Girls did
with THIS assignment! You should have enough ideas for gifts, cards, seasonal
decor and just DOWN RIGHT fun stuff to create! Take a gander for yourself!

darling ROSEMARY
our guest designer!

Sadly, this is our last week of being graced by Rosie's AMAZING talent -
if you haven't treated yourself to a stroll around her wonderful blog,
I hope you'll CHECK out her prolific work, outstanding DESIGNS and
darling personality! It's been SUCH a pleasure to have her inspiration
with us this month! THANKS, ROSEBUD! What a TREAT it's been!

So, WHEREVER your plans have you rocketing off to this week,
I just have to THANK YOU, once again, for motoring by!
YOU - are out of this world! Thanks, again!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - October Afternoon
Metal Paper - Magic Scraps
Stickers - Me and My Big Ideas
Ink - Colorbox
Page Pebbles - Making Memories
Template design - My CRAZY noggin! {Lol!}


LeAnne said...

Well, you have succeeded in blasting out of the craft world into outer space, my dear. JUST INKREDIBLE! You should have been an engineer; your brain just works that way!

Dotty Jo said...

Goodness me - how fabulous is this????!!!! Jo x

Maria said...

GET OUT OF TOWN! This wasn't a template you made it! It's amazing! OH CROW! WTG Elise! You rocked it my dear!

Rosemary said...

okay... so the planet of INCREDIBLY TALENTED PAPERCRAFTER has lost one of its most talented citizen... YOU!!! (i'm guessing they are sending the rocket ship to get you!) where oh where do you come up with this stuff??? (so i can dip into that well and take a drink, hee hee!) another outstanding project my friend!! and well... shoot...thanks for the very sweet "shout out" love ya, elise!

Creative Mayhem said...

WOW!! You ROCKed the challenge. (Get it??) hahaha! I know I can easily entertain myself. I love how cute this rocket is and yes I want to dive into that talented papercrafting well as well! You are so very talented Elise and such a sweetheart to boot!!! Love visiting your blog and being INSPIRED!

~amy~ said...

**out of this world** are amazing!

papertrails leaver said...

Elise this is just unbelievable and your post has me in stitches with lots of smiles and snorts! :-). I can't believe how amazing your rocket is. you just whipped this up huh? Geez. I am so never letting you to my house if that's your idea of whipping togeher a little something. You'd be frightened by my use of duct tape. Hee hee! Quick + me = duct tape :-). Horrible visual huh?

Lisa Kind said...

OMGosh! You are just incredibly clever! This has to be my all-time favorite project of yours! I would NEVER be able to design something like this! I love it! And the flames in the back? Genius! A+++ from this teacher on your 3-D project! LOL!!!

Joanne Leddy said...

Holy Toledo! This is incredible! My son would sooooo love this ... fabulous idea!

Dana Gustafson said...

:D To infinity and beyond! YOU have made spaceship/papercrafting history! You might as well have walked on the moon with this over the top crazy mad talented ship of paper! And whoever makes those little battery lights needs to see what you do with them...puts all them regular ol jack o lanterns to shame. Brilliant work!

Andrea M said...

Elise, I am running out of words to describe your AMAZING, BREATHTAKING talent!!! I mean, seriously, this is outta this world (get it? he, he!)!!! I can't believe it's paper!!! WOW!!! You CONSTANTLY are a source of FABULOUS inspiration! I bow to you, oh talented one!!!