Friday, December 7, 2012

Just Us Girls - Go BACK to basics!

Where were YOU, the first time you saw someone use EMBOSSING powder?

Were you BIT by the bug, right then and there?  Did you buy the heat gun, right
out of the demonstrators hands?  Did you HOARD every color and texture of
embossing powder, ink, tool, tip and trinket?  Oh - wait.  That was ME.......!

Well, HOWEVER your "first time" went down, I'll BET, you've had yourself
plenty of FUN with your EMBOSSING gun....   Assuming that IF your reading
this - you're well stocked in embossing materials...  I'll bet you are going to LOVE
this week's challenge at Just Us Girls!  EMBOSS something! 

Our SWEET Lynn, ohhhhhh, SOOOOO thoughtful and intuitive, LYNN!  She had
the divine sense to make this challenge something that didn't require a whole lot of
thinking, but would leave us feeling invigorated by our WONDERFUL shared
addiction...   MAKING FABULOUS STUFF with our GLORIOUS tools!


Based on the VAST array of samples, brought to you by the JUST US GIRLS crew,
we are inspiring ALL uses of embossing!  I, however, decided to go with heat/wet
embossing and try an "old school" technique, THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE!

First, check OUT the girls!

Then, let me share with you, MY FASCINATION, with ultra thick embossing!

I embossed DIRECT to a yummy chipboard oval, lovingly bathed in embossing ink...

THEN, I busted out this embossing stand!  {I KNOW, right!}


{It's soooooo BEAUTIFUL!}

~ Don't STARE at the light!!!!!!~

Just kidding - YOU CAN STARE all you LIKE!

Look at the BEAUTIFUL impression, left by a well inked stamp...

Yum!  It's MOLTEN crafty SENSATION!

Love, love, love HOW Lynn got ALL this going, merely by suggesting a lil' embossing!

What FUN!  Won't YOU try?  We'd adore having you share!

Craft ONNNNNNN, sweet friends of the blogland!  Yipeeeee!


Andrea M said...

WOW Elise! This is AMAZING! Love this technique!

Lynn said...

That is so so cool!! I love it! And you are cracking me up with your "first time"!! Love you girl!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

ELISE! Oh my this is so fabulous! I loved the way it turned out -- what a great jar label these would make. Thanks for sharing I will be making some of these for sure!

Marisa said...

I have done this technique one a long time ago and it always has such a dramatic effect. Perfect accent to your image!! Great showcasing of the challenge!!

Lisa Kind said...

Love this technique Elise! And I love your embossing stand! You always have the greatest stuff! :-)

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

Likely! Likely! Those medallions turned out fabulous!

Elena C said...

Elise, I LOVE your embossed oval...where did you ever get that stand???? I've never seen anything like it? Is that a heat lamp then????
My email is:

Maria said...

Oh this looks amazing! LOVE IT!

Allie Gower said...

That's so cool! WOW! Must try.

SueB said...

what a great sentiment for the UTE!