Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Man Layout with Want2Scrap!

 Check out the BLINGED out fellas and all of the details of how to make this layout
on the Want2Scrap® blog - I would be THRILLED if you would click on over....!

It is with bittersweet pride that I share this piece.  Not only is this layout and subject a 
sentimental and creative favorite of mine, but my tutorial and detailed account of this,
marks my last creation as an official member of the Want2Scrap® creative team.  If you
have been kind enough to visit my blog regularly, you must have SOME idea how much
I cherish this "family" of creative giants, and how dearly I adore their amazing lines of 
products.  Due to some changes in my professional life, I have been forced to make some
amendments on how my creative time is shared.  This ONLY means that I have to step 
away from some of the {all be it, FUN & FABULOUS...} monthly/weekly commitments, 
so that I may focus on my FINE ART!  I will NEVER, ever, EVER stop creating with 
paper, BLING & everything that goes with it!  As a VERY proud member of Want2Scrap
alumni, I will continue to endorse and use their fantastic materials...  
QUITE simply - EVERYTHING looks better with BLING!  

So, if you have a spare minute or two, I would LOVE it, if you would go and check out
my post on this sparkly MAN creation at Want2Scrap...  Give 'em some love, if you are
so moved!  And if you have NEVER {*GASP!*} treated yourself to a shop around their
incredible store - MY FRIENDS!!!  YOU are missing OUT!  THANK you, from the 
bottom of my bling festooned heart!  I hope the goodness of your day outshines all else!

With love, 

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