Monday, June 3, 2013

Wplus9 Design Studio - The BIG reveal!

It's UP and it's LIVE, babies!  All of the stampalicious images from this, latest, 
release from Wplus9: CHECK OUT DARLING DAWN'S blog, for every bit of
stampy swag that you can dream of, to top your cupcakes, go with your milk and ___?
PLANT in your garden?  PUT on your TABLE top - you NAME it..., she's got so
many incredible stamps this round...   YOU MUST check it out for YOURSELF!

And then get READY for tomorrow!  I can't resist giving you a lil' peek at what I have
to share, to wrap up this SUPER release event!   TOMORROW, we get to see exactly what 
ALL of the DESIGNY, Wplus9 Design Studio babes will be showcasing in their efforts for 
one last hurrah - the GROUP post! Just to make sure your ordering fingers are stretched
and ready to drop goodies in your Wplus9 cart - THAT'S right!  
Stamps go on SALE, 12am June 5th...  YIPEEEEEE!

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