Sunday, May 10, 2015

Iconic Red Truck meets Petaluma Back Road

The morning commute has always been something of a blessing and a curse, after all I was not born a morning person. But routine is the key to life and for the better part of the last three years, I spring from the covers, wake the zombies and get us out the door and off to various schools on time. With little conversation the "mom bus" makes its rounds and on the way, I am privileged to some amazing scenery. 

 Our dear and FORTUNATE friends have this view to enjoy, EVERYDAY of their lives. Even this shot through my dirty windshield, shows the charm of their sleepy valley. I've been threatening to paint it for years. 

Old Red on Roblar ©2015 by Elise Durenberger

THAT day, is finally here. {I'm SO excited!} Finally! 

This is my friend, James, and his Fire Engine Red, 1934 Ford Pick-up Truck. His gorgeous vehicle was in the original American Graffiti movie and is kind of famous in my neck of the woods, so I decided to compliment the American Flag in my landscape with this beauty...

Red Truck - close up.
 American Flag - Close up.
Old Barn and Old Glory - close up.

Good to get this one off the "to paint" list. Although I have a feeling, I'll revisit this lovely valley (in paint) again. 

- Elise


~amy~ said...

This is absolutely Fabulous!

Carol L said...

Your painting is prettier than the actual scenery! I just love that old truck and the detail you put into the flag is amazing! That's coming from someone who sewed US flags for nearly 25 years *wink*. This is just wonderful!!!

Beth said...

Positively spectacular! You are so incredibly talented!

Dotty Jo x said...

Speech-less! Jo x

memorial garden benches said...

Very talented! I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing!

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