Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wood Art Jaguar

Please consider visiting the 29th annual Artistry in Wood at the Sonoma County History Museum to view "Roar" by Paul Marini through the 7th of January, 2018. While there, I hope you'll cast a vote in the People's Choice ballot box in the main gallery. Thank you!

"Roar" © 2017 by Paul Marini
Last spring I was contacted by a dear friend with an invitation to meet a gentleman who needed assistance painting a life-size Jaguar that he had created from wood. He had never painted before and he was looking for consultation to take his unfinished wood-carved creation and paint it with life-like details, markings and color. This invitation, I gladly accepted. 

Unpainted Jaguar head, carved by Paul Marini, 4/17/17
Full body shot of "Roar", created with basswood, by Paul Marini
Forearm and claw detail of wood art Jaguar by Paul Marini
I thought it was a wonderful challenge and had already planned how I would "teach" this man color theory to guide him, when we met a week later. I figured I'd be in and out in several weeks and hopefully, witness the presentation of his finished piece a few months later. Although my anticipated curriculum did not go as predicted, we worked together for several hours weekly for over 6 months, and developed a lovely friendship. My student, Paul Marini, an extremely accomplished and respected, retired Avian scientist,  shunned my attempts to teach him to paint, yet we developed a system where I guided, consulted, mixed a LOT of paint, to contributed in a small way to this spectacular project.

"Roar" on display in the Artistry in Wood show at the Sonoma County History Museum
Part of the inspiration for this piece was Paul's brief foray into hunting as a young man. Taking the life of a squirrel by his own hands for pleasure, changed him. He wondered why the same level of satisfaction couldn't be achieved by shooting with a camera. Creating life, via his wood artistry, was a satisfying method of celebrating nature's beauty without harming it.

Paul Marini, wood artist and "Roar", explaining his process

Paul had additional inspiration for "Roar." Over 4 years ago he suffered a major heart attack while working out at his local gym. Miraculously, some of the folks also working out were first responders.  Their quick action, expertise and aide saved Paul's life. Others in the gym jumped into action as well and in the wake of this experience, incredibly deep friendships and loyalty grew. Paul decided to make this piece with the hope of selling it and donating the proceeds to aide first responders and programs to make AED machines and education available and accessible throughout our community.  He has already donated an AED machine to the gym where he belongs and hopes to see many more installed throughout the area. Ironically, Cruisin' The Boulevard, Petaluma's tribute to American Graffiti, with whom I am affiliated and in my 5th year as their event artist, is a non-profit group who's major cause is placing AED machines in our community, so good folks surround me and I am blessed.

More images from "Roar" ©2017 by Paul Marini, which is currently on display in the 29th annual Artistry in Wood Show at the Sonoma County History Museum, main gallery, through January 7th, 2018.

Eye detail from "Roar" by Paul Marini
"Roar" head shot including whiskers made from whisk broom, human hair and horse mane
Ear detail including real fur donated to Paul by my German Shepherd, Joeseph
Final head shot, because it is SO tremendously beautiful ♡
As I have gotten to know Paul Marini over this past 8 months, my gratitude for the kind and skilled folks who saved him is immeasurable. I lost my father to a sudden heart attack over 15 years ago, so I have deep appreciation for the events and people who aligned to save Paul.

Life can be filled with miracles and I am grateful when my journey is touched by them.

For information about purchasing this one-of-a-kind, INCREDIBLE wood art Jaguar, please email me,, and I can put you in contact with Paul.

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Amazing and incredible!! You two artists are phenomenal together! How have you been anyway?