Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Support from an Oldy but a GOODY!

PSX: Personal Stamp Exchange, c. 1994... Where have you gone? *sob* Remember them? Remember their stamps? I can't forget them... ever. My first! BEFORE Hero Arts, STAMP-A-ROSA...Stampin' Up! and all of you newer, up and coming companies.., Personal Stamp Exchange was a locally grown stamp company, that for me, had the most marvelous artwork in many of their images, but in particular, ANIMALS! I'm a huge "animal companion"/ lover of all things fluffy, protector of the furry, feathery... four legged... two... YOU NAME IT! I just loves me animals! That might explain why I just "redirected" my mortgage payment towards 100 bales of hay..... ANYWHOO! I've been struggling to get a contribution for the latest CPS sketch (114), so I turned to.... (see post title):

Presenting this week's Card Positioning Sketch Challenge, #114!

Aren't those ducks breathtaking!?! Would you believe that I found this stamp in a bag of "Goodwill" bound art supplies that my dear friend was donating! Seriously, not to deny some savvy Goodwill-shopping stamp babe from her windfall... but c'mon! THIS BABY WAS BORN TO BE MINE! Poor little stamp was nearly buried in *GASP!* acrylic paint! I didn't even know if it would ever stamp a clean image AGAIN! But I took it home to my workshop... gave it a bath and massaged the gunk from it's rubber peaks and valleys.... Talked nice and encouraging to it, and then shined with with a clean cloth until it gleamed... THEN, tap, tap, tap... its first inking, in my care......

SO THERE! You can see for yourself that it made a full recovery! Thank GOODNESS! Of course I had to stamp it about thirty times, color in the images, cut them out with my best detail scissors and x-acto blade... And now I have a little pile, just waiting for "homes!" I sleep so much better knowing that I have ..... (here she goes, AGAIN!....) my ducks in a row... MY DUCKS IN A ROW! (Bump, bump, bump {go the drums..})

Sorry, the afternoon "trough" of coffee kicked in and I'm getting rammy... I surely hope you enjoy my offering today and that you'll look after YOUR coveted stamps and keep always keep an eye out for the "oldies and goodies" from your crafting past... You NEVER know where they might be hiding!

C/S - Stampin Up!
D/P - "
All stamps by - Stampin' Up! except for, of course.... the DUCKS which are by... PSX (of yester-year...)
Jumbo Grommets & Bookplate - S/U!
Scallop punch - S/U!
Scallop circle - Sizzix & S/U!
Teeny-tiny flower punch - ?
Ribbon - S/U!
Orange Stickles - Ranger


Rosemary said...

OMG!!! This card is so stinkin' cute!!! Love it! Love it! Love it! And your post for that matter!! I can just see you hunched over your table, carefully cleaning up this wonderful stamp! (which is weird since I have never seen your work table!!!)

Dana Gustafson said...

Yet another rescued animal friend for the Durenberger Ark :) At least this one doesn't eat much! So glad you rescued this mama and her babies and made them come to life with your deft craft knife skills. Teach me Obi-wan, I am but your student.

BTW, did I say I love it? And those giant grommets are de-lish!

Karen said...

Elise!!! I think you ought to get "rammy" with a cup o' joe before you write every post.....this was great! I LOVED LOVED LUUUUUUVED reading this!! I have quite a few PSX stamps since I started stamping by working in a rubber stamping store in 1994 and I do NOT have this one!!! It SO gosh darn bleepin' CUTE!!! I have a MAJOR affinity for ducks and their ducklings and I just LOVE yours!!! Can I stop saying LOVE already??! NOPE!!! Such cute ducks, fab card, and a FANTASTIC read!! WELL done, my friend! :>:>

Beth said...

Elise! I was waiting for your post! I love it! So, not only are you a protector of all things furry and lovable, but you're a protector and rescuer of all things wood/rubber/inkable.

I'm off to try to get "rammy" with my first cup of coffee........

Unknown said...

Beautiful work, on this week's CPS, and on that amazing mirror on the last post! Love catching up on your posts!

tg said...

Ahh, PSX. My first stamp love. I remember their embossing demos at a little store in the Old Mill and a field trip to their facility. Love it!

Alanna said...

What a cute card. I enjoyed reading your story of how you saved this stamp from the Goodwill. It sounds like you will give it a good home. I especially love all the scallops and the little frame type thing where your sentiment is.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comemnt. Truly made my day.

stampqueen said...

Lovely card ya crazy woman!!!! I have many PSX stamps in my stash - been doing this only about 15v years!!!! Do you remember 'Mostly Animals' - they had great ones too (and they were one of the few who shipped to APO boxes when we were stationed in germany- many years ago now)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I have enjoyed looking at your blog. You are very creative! Love the ducks! Love the card!

PapierGirl said...

What a darling card - and those ducks are too cute! I bet you were seeing cross-eyed after cutting those out! :) Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Cathy

Nicole Maki said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous card. I especially love the scallop at the very top - very understated and positively divine.

Great job.

Lea L. said...

Your card is beautiful...the duck stamps is wonderful! Great job with CPS 114!


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