Saturday, November 28, 2009


I don't know what else to call this? I don't even know how to spell it..... But it's a condition that I have been stricken with ~ well, shoot! I guess I come down with it EVERY year, 'bout this time...


I got my "snowman" ON and made some tags for Dawn's Inspire Me #4 challenge right here!

There's still TIME! C'mon, play with me! Make some tags, any kind you want! {You don't have to suffer from snowman-itis to play! tee hee} Anyway, check out what some of the other gals have made ~ Ca-ute!

In the meantime, here come some individual shots. I have to warn you, that I may have broken some serious laws here, as this is some scary-paper-piecing, and other than a lil' bit of inky edges, NO STAMPING! I got SUPER busy with the tiny shapes, playing with my teeniest of punches and enjoying my close-up vision {while I still have it! Doh!}... You may think I'm STEALING these images from Cosmo Cricket... Well, let's just say I was INSPIRED by the one sheet I have of Jolly by Golly Elements.... ONE sheet. Did I mention that? *sob* So, of course, I can't CUT it!!! The sad truth is that I helped myself to a FAT order of nearly all the pieces in this collection back in AUGUST..... from a company that I shall not name.... But I have YET to receive it! {I KNOW!} So I treated myself to this one sheet from a LSS and I have a small pad that I bought, recently, to pacify myself... But if I don't get the rest of my order soon... I'm going to be very, VERY sad. ANYWHOOOO! I have the elements sheet winking at me from a clip right in the heart of Scrapland... Ah, inspiration! I just got into the fun of snowman (and woman) construction from staring and staring at these DARLING images!


Got Mittens?

Snowfolks under the mistletow!

{Close up of the smooching snow folks!}

Snowflake catcher!

{Close up of the "snowflake" catcher!}

Wooooooooo wooo, WOOOOOO! I feel I really played with snow (people) today! But NO frostbite! I'm so glad that sweet Dawn from Stamp Away With Me is doing such fun challenges! I sure hope you'll play along, too! Thanks for stopping by my lil' creative spot, here in Blogland! Have a great one!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Cosmo Cricket
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Ribbon -American Crafts
Buttons - Stampin' Up!
Metallic Ribbon - Stampin' Up!
Punches - Family Treasures, Stampin' Up!, Punch Bunch, Marvy
Snowmen designs - inspired by Cosmo Cricket, but made by ME!


Linda aka Oz said...

Thank you for teaching me that kissing a snowman could be so dangerous! You could put an eye out with that nose! Is hard when your friends are all flakes ya know.
I will be checking out your links tomorrow, tonight I should be asleep. Have to muster up and work at the store in the am. Love your snowbuddies E. They are all delightfully delish! Oz

LeAnne said...

Oh, is that what you call it? Snowmanitis???? I think I have that too! I love all your creations--especially using that Jolly by Golly paper! Woohoo! The snowflake catcher is my fav, but they are all adorable!

Lisa Foster said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! These are absolutely DARLING!!! Girl, you totally got your "Snowman" on! I LOVE, LOVE LOOOOOOVE these!

farmhouse-story said...

adorable! i totally have "snowman-itis" every year! your post is so cute!

Carol L said...

These tags are just adorable, every one of them! I LOVE the kissing pair, entangled with their noses and embracing! You're too clever!!!! You did a fantastic job of paper piecing, and if I was waiting since August for an order, I'd be totally frustrated!!!

Dotty Jo said...

These are adorable Elise...'snooooow' much fun!!!! I'm nearly at the tag making stage so might swap a few projects around to join in the fun over at Dawn's. Hugs to you funny girl, Jo x

Beth said...

You are off the hook, girl! Those snow people are incredible! So sweet, the kissing ones! I can't take it!

Yesterday one of my girls wanted to "scrapbook all day long"! made my heart happy, but that meant mommy didn't get to get a thing done because she needs so much *assistance*'s all good, though. She scraplifted my latest card....adorable!

Nikita Patni Malu said...

aww... these are alll so wonderful... i think i adored Snowflake catcher!.... :)

Rosemary said...

Oh my GOSH!!! Just when I thought you couldn't get any funnier.... there you go!!! First all the tags are just too darn stinkin' cute!! But my fav is the kissing snowpeople!! I do agree with Oz, though, those noses could put an eye out!! Fabulous, fabulous job and I sincerely hope you get your Jolly by Golly stuff one.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Too stinkin' cute!!! These guys are fun fun fun!
I'm thinking the couple is gonna melt.. Lot of heavy hot stuff going on there! A danger zone!

I love the one looking up at the snow.. Just makes me happy... love falling snow:)

Love them! You musta been one happy scrappy chick making these!

~amy~ said...

Sweet Mother of Pearl...I hope that your Snowman-itis is contagious so that I could hope to make tags as stinkin' CUTE as yours...good grief woman...superb job!!!!

Dawn said...

OMG Elise! These are the CUTEST tags I have ever seen! They are just what I needed as a lay here suffering from the nasty bug that my niece brought us for Thanksgiving. Seriously...who needs Jolly By Golly when you've got Snowman-itis?! I really love the large scale that you used for the focal images. I could go on and on...but I think I'll just go admire the pics some more. ;)

Claire said...

Well, now I have snowmanitis! Those are just lovely, lovely!

Dana Gustafson said...

GET OUT! Go on, get out, seriously! WHO makes snowman tags this cute??!!?!?? Oh yeah, YOU do! I bow down my friend, these are adorable to the enth degree. Each one is delightful in it's own way, just like YOU my friend! Snowflake catcher just brings me the biggest smile to my face. THanks for that!

Karen said... are sending me back to my childhood, my dear! I miss white Christmases, snow angels, and yes, SNOWMEN!!!!! These are cuter than cute!! That snowman snowflake still my heart! Ahhhhh......a heavenly snow filled sigh.....thank you!! :>

Winter said...

So cute! I LOVE them all! :)

Jill said...

These are too cute! I especially love the "snow couple!" Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog- I'm so glad I found yours, too! :) Your blog is fabulous!! I'm sure I will be stopping back often and I've added it to my favs. said...

I love snowmen - so I love your cards!! I have snowmanitis every year too! Love how adorable your projects are :)


Vanessa said...

Yes, I think I am infected with that virus, too! Loove your adorable tags, Elise! The couple is so fun! Loove your stuff!


Courtney Baker said...

How cute are you! I love it. I was starting for feel bad for your illness you get every year! Ha ha. Way cute girl.

Kate Riley said...

Aaaack. Dagnabit. Those are too cute. I love your originality. Usually we just see Frosty all alone. I love how he has a sweet lady friend.

dpkennedy said...

I just love all of your adorable creations!

Davi said...

OMG Elise, these have absolutely got to be the cutest. Girl you are just to clever!!! You really did some serious cutting. :) I love them. So much work who wants to give them now :) :)