Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankful to play and share my first pup..pub.. {CARDS PUB ! Wahoo}

Oh, crackers! December ALREADY!?!

Totally in denial about the Christmas shopping thing... BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY! I'm here for the craft! Cards! Paper, ink, sparkley stuff! All of that! I'm alllll REVVED up over the 12 days of TIM... ur... Tags. Tags by Tim! Timmy, Tim, TIM ~ the Timinator! You know the guy! That man with all of that lovely crafty stuff... the king of DISTRESS {not STRESS! ~ hence, why we're not discussing CHRISTMAS shopping...} Anywhoo, no. I haven't cranked out a tag... but I really got my "Tim-On" to finish up THIS card for the Get Sketchy Challenge!

Hellooooooooooooo! Just a lil' shot to build anticipation! {HA HA! I know, WHAT?} I just love trying to tantalize with an artsy shot.... (But, please, don't grade me on this... ) Here's the Sketch from the Get Sketchy gals and HAVE YOU SEEN WHO THEY HAVE FOR THEIR GUEST DESIGNER this week? OMG! Well, go see and then come RIGHT BACK!

Okay.. It's DAWN McVEY! {Dontcha LOVE her!?! Adorable sample, and fab inspiration!}

What a scrumptious sketch! AND there was a bonus challenge to keep it Autumn-ish, so I had to quell my "snowmanitis" for the day and tap back into my inner HARVEST....

I have been sooooooooo loving all of my miniature leaf punches lately! Seriously! They were just the thing I needed to seal the deal on this card... But wait ~ here's a close up!

I used some card stock weight vellum, TIM HOLTZ alcohol ink {Yeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!} and had a lil' distressing party... Some latte, some caramel, a little gold... la la la! Let it dry, punched my leaves, folded for leaf veins and then dragged it trough a little Dusty Durango Dye Ink... Wahooo! Got my DISTRESS-on! Mmmmmmmm, yep... I did! I DID! Indeedy do!

Keeping with the Tim-theme... Distress STICKLES! Perfect Pearls! Yummmy stuff! I was glad to have an excuse to break out this paper, probably the MOST awesome paper set - EVER!!! From Stampin' Up! Yeah, BABY! So, it was a symphony of craft here in Scrapland today and some SUPER fun finishing touches, ala TIM! Whoopee! Oh, and one more THING... Now that it's officially DECEMBER... I can share this with you ~

My first ever PUBLISHED CARD! Ha ha ha! {And a little laughter from the PEANUT gallery - pay no attention to the LAUGHING PUPPY!} I just wanted to share a picture of MY CARD in CARDS{!} and needed a lil' "scale" for my photo... I beg your pardon for having to share, but folks "in the real world" don't always get it... This was a SUPER thrill!

Thank you, lovely friends ~ for sharing all of the fun, love, support and CREATIVE JU-JU! Y'all ROCK! I sooooooo appreciate you stopping by!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Stampin' Up!
Ink - Stampin' Up!; Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink; Versa Mark
Scallop Border Punch - Stampin' Up!
Glitter - Stickles/ Tim Holtz
Die cut sentiment - Cricut/ Wild Card Cartridge
Leaf Punch - Family Treasures


Linda aka Oz said...

puppy? what puppy? All I see is YOUR CARD IN CARDS!!! So shaking the trailer park up here with all my Happy Happy Joy Joy dancing for ya!! Yee Hawwww and Whooptidoooing!!!


exhausted and panting, but happy... Oz

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Congratulations you super duper star!!!!!!

I subscribe to cards.. yippee!!

Adorable pups, gorgeous autumn card, love the details..

And don't ya love TIM week???? I'm also all about the Tim.. I mean the techniques.. That man made me spend $50 yesterday!

And I do not like Christmas shopping either, unless I am in a craft store...or chocolate store..

Jane Wetzel said...

ha ha! what is this pup laughing about?? hey..gorgeous card and congrats on the published one!! :)

Courtney Baker said...

You know that is so true... the real world doesn't really get it! But we are proud of you and proud to be your blog friends! Congrats girl. It's a fantastic card (both are)!

Dotty Jo said...

So much wonderfulness here today Elise! Great card, love your take on that sketch, and wooo and a whole heaps of hooooooooooooooooos about making it into print! You are fabulous, Jo x

Rosemary said...

Hey girlfriend!! Enjoyed the chat yesterday!! You are sooo sweet!! And this card, welll I don't know why it was a struggle cuz its FABULOUS, GORGEOUS and all kinds of other wonderful things!! I was wondering if you would get your "Tim" on and I see you did! And congrats, again, sweetie, on being in CARDS! You da rock star!!

Karen said...

WoohoooOOOooooOOOO!!!! Congrats again on your pub'd card, Elise! That one sure is a cutie....um, both the pup and the card! (Would that pup be a recent addition to your clan?? :>)

Now, let's talk punches. Let's talk shapes. Let's talk nondescript sillhouette. Hmmmm, shall we?? You never fail to amaze me with how you can take a flat simple shape and bring SUCH LIFE to it!!! I LOVE, ADORE, DELIGHT IN, and MARVEL at the changing leaves and how they are just the perfect crunchy fantasticness to walk on and now you've brought that unbelievably wonderful feeling into a paper crafted happy turned color, only can imagine to be waiting to be crunched. Sigh. Thank you! :>:>:>

Claire said...

A Symphony of Craft indeed! Lovely, my lovely!

Vanessa said...

Congratulations, Elise!!! Love how you took that photo! And your cards are gorgeous! May I have an autograph ;)


Dawn said...

Congrats Elise! I totally understand, I am counting down the days til my first card is pub'd in CARDS...February can't come soon enough!!!

LeAnne said...

Yay! Good for you! Love the cards, love the mag, love the puppy, love it ALL!!!!

~amy~ said...

Well Oh My Goodness....which do I start with...your lovely Get Sketchy Card or your fantabulous news??!!! Let's start with your Get Sketchy Card...love, love, love it...the colors are fab and the leaves are the most perfect touch!

Onto your news....woot woot wootie woot woot Elise!!!!! I'm absolutely THRILLED for you...congrats.....your card is absolutely adorable!!!!

Angèle said...

Lovely card! Love the vellum leaves technic!

Beth said...

Oooooh, and to think "we 'knew' you when......." now you're famous! Heehee! Awesome! What a perfect card to be published. Car tires and puppy smiles....too much!

Dana Gustafson said...

Crunch crunch CRUNCH! No that's not me eating carrots (no carrots til January ;)), it's those LEAVES you made! Woooo girl! This is fall fabulous!

dstandard said...

Congrats fabulous card!

Davi said...

Wowzer this is too cool!! Love the colors and all that fabulous distressing! The way that the thoughtful jumps out is just awesome!! :)

sam said...

wauw this card is beautiful! love the fall colors!

Jill said...

CONGRATS ON THE PUB! Wow! Love your card today- the distressing is great and your punched leaves are so dimensional! Thanks for all of your comments over at my blog- you made my day! :)

Janelle said...

Congrats on being published! Great cards, both of them, and super cute puppy, too!

Anonymous said...

So very pretty.
Thanks for playing with us at GETSKETCHY!

Agus said...

So cute!! love the papers you have chossen!. You have a beautiful blog (: !