Monday, May 25, 2009

FRIENDS forever...

Cute little Dawn McVey gave me a run for MY money with this week's color challenge! Whoooeee! I took one look at those gorgeous colors she'd assembled and thought: giddyap! No problema....! Right.....? WRONG! I was a little "challenged by the challenge!" But, I guess that's the idea, huh!?! I finally got over myself, when I challenged myself to "dump some tackle" and boost things up a notch with some delicious, Stampin' Up! embellishments: check it! These guys have been banging around the old "tackle box" and needed some wear and tear: once I added some shiny metal goodness, I got over the hump, out of the box, round the bend.... Oh....., HERE!

So, I can live with this... That's the beauty of the journey! Plus, I played with "True Friend" and "Certified" stamp sets from Stampin' Up!, both of which I'm PRAYING they don't retire! Ack! Retirement list comes out June 1st! It can be a dark time of year for the old "E-stir"... I can't stand when they kill sets I haven't had a real GOOD chance to love, even though I start out each year of collecting with the BEST of intentions..... *sob* Think good thoughts for these gems!

Let's see if I can attach Dawn's beautiful picture for the color challenge (always a challenge in itself: tee hee)... I SERIOUSLY don't know how I did that: yesterday it was giving me fits! Ohhh, the wonders of the internet and modern technology! Yeeeee Haw!

Isn't that teeny, tiny clip delish! Ohhhhhh, goodness, how fun to have finally put one to use!

AND one last shot to say "I hope that we'll be friends FOREVER", highlighting that beautiful hunk of designer hardware... also by... yep! Stampin' Up!


C/S - Stampin' Up! (Rose Red, River Rock, Always Artichoke, Whisper White)
Scallop Punch - Stampin' Up!
All Stamps - Stampin' Up!
Metal embellishments- Stampin' Up!
EDITED TO ADD: (Woopsie!) Forgot to say "Embossing plates" - Sizzix & Stampin' Up!

Have a GREAT DAY you wonderful crafty folks! Thanks for stopping by!


Bonnie said...

Way to use up some of that hardware! I have a ton' o metal in my stash - great inspiration!!!

tg said...

Oh my, that clip is the cutest thing ever! Great card -- this challenge was hard huh?

Karen said...

Loving the hardware flower center...and the flower itself! I love this color combo and your SU interpretation! Way to play with Dawn! :>

Rosemary said...

You rocked that color challenge, dearie! Awesome card, again! After seeing your great take on the colors I may have to take a crack at them, too!

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh My! Isn't she lovely? I love your metal treatment on the flower. And the pink inking on the hand trimmed edges makes it a whole different animal now doesn't it? I will definitely have to try that. I love that set too...keeping my fingers crossed it stays on the active duty list and that we see more of it from you. And hey, nice embossing lady!

Kate Riley said...

That color palatte is making me weepy it is so beautiful ! When are we having sushi my dear?

Tracey said...

Great card Elise, I love, love how you put the metal on the flower.

Christi Flores said...

This is awesome!! Wow!!!