Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do you like YOUR coffee!?!

{GET READY!} I'm a TRIPLE, soy Mocha... light on the chocolate and NO whip cream. That's my order, everyday... My addiction, my life's DAILY requirement to get me where I need to be and do all that I can do. I'm sorry, but it's MY vice. Coffee makes me HAPPY! Coffee makes me, ME! I can't believe how much I love it: I just do!

In fact, as I'm writing this, it is FAR too late in the morning to think that I still haven't HAD mine yet! Doh! It will be my "reward" after I finish this post! I have been burning the way-Midnight oil trying to finish up a bunch of projects and last night was WAAAAAYYYYYYY late! I out lasted Craig Fergusen! (I don't know if I'm spelling his name right or not, but who cares: he's hilarious!) Anywhoo, there was major road construction out in front of our property last night so it wasn't like I was going to get a lot of sleep anyhow... Booooo Hoooooo I'm not feeling sorry for myself, REALLY: I AM a night owl! {It's in my contract!} I'm sharing this with you as an introduction to my CARD that I'm about to post!

She's baaaaaaaack! Spaced-out, 1950's looking coffee lady who always makes me hear "Linda Richmond" aka, Mike Meyers from SNL way back in my {just after college} day! ...Now I'm feeling "pheclempt".... Anywhoo, as I said, it was a LATE NIGHT and I still had a bunch of goodies out on the table in "Scrapland" so I just had to p - l - a - y !

Please, WHEREVER you are, I hope YOU can hear Linda, too! READ this sentiment that comes with the "Sip by Sip" set from Stampin' Up! (I'm pretty sure it's on the "dormant list" because it DID NOT retire.. you'd have heard me crying for SURE if that had been the case!) Just read it and HEAR "Linda"... Hold on... I have some "schmootz" in my eye... "talk amongst yu-selves.." Are you feeling "pheclempt?" I am, only because I have never tried to insert a You Tube Video in a post. If I was savvy that way, I'd FIND MIKE MEYERS AS LINDA and you'd be rolling!

Sorry, though. For now, it's just the thought that counts: okay!?!

Look at HER! This time I made her a blonde, {a little like MY mother in the 70's! Shhhhh!} check her out as a red-head in a previous post! She's FUN! I like a girl who isn't afraid to give herself a little make-over every now and then!

So, that's it, "cwoffee-twalking" friends! (It's okay if you prefer TEA! I still adore you!) Have a glorious day! I'm headed down the road-a-piece to my FAVORITE coffee spot, our own, local: Johnny's Java! YUMM-EE!


C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Stampin' Up!
Ink - (Dye and Craft) Stampin' Up!
Large Scallop Circle - Sizzix/Stampin' Up!
Corner Rounder - EK
Ribbon - Stampin' Up!
Pens - (used direct to image) Stampin' Up!

Bye, now!


Rosemary said...

Great card, as always! You sure know how to make these stamps come alive!!

Jane said...

Love this card! too cute!

Karen said...

Well, I'm sipping on a homemade iced latte as I giggle, er, um, read through your post! I love that set too.....glad to hear it didn't retire after only one catty run! She cracks me up as a blonde. :> I never watched SNL, but I know who you are talking about as my brother would watch and immitate as a he saw it, I have no idea as he's my 'baby' brother (who towers over me!). Glad you got a chance to play and share a little Cwoffee Twalk with all of us! :>

Laura said...

This card is really fun, love the saying! Thanks for your thoughtful comments about losing my dog and for noticing my card.

Shauna K said...

Hehehe, you make me laugh, gurlie! And that card is too cute! Well, I personally love Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters any which way you choose it! My hubby loves his coffee pure (no flavors anywhere in site, just purely roasted, best o the best) whereas I love the flavored coffee (gimme hazelnut, Irish cream, french vanilla...) and we BOTH get our fixes from these guys! It was started by two guys near where my hubby grew up, he worked at their coffee shop during high school actually, and we're still friends with one of their shop's owner! Anywho... I'd high, high, hiiiighly recommend ordering some of their coffee, you won't be sorry ;) (and no, I'm not getting paid to advertise for them, I just really love their coffee, hehe!)

tg said...

Cute card -- love the picture with your coffee cup. So much fun, yep you are.

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh thank goodness that all I have to say at Johnny's is "may I have an 'Elise' please?" I'm pretty sure I'll never get your coffee down but that doesn't mean I don't ADORE Cwoffee twalk with YOU! Keep circling that girl around along with her coffe cup stain. LOVE IT!

Ann said...

Rhode Island is neither a road nor is it an island. Discuss.

Thanks for the laugh today! :D

Anonymous said...

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