Monday, October 12, 2009

Got Color?

I got some.

{Heh, heh.... Mauahhh ahh ahhhhhh!}

I got some right hee-ah!

I was inspired by this, right over hee-ah!

And then I made THIS, right about hee-ah!

And, some time ago, I was inspired and made this:

And isn't this an awesome color swatch, if ever there was one! {Hee Hee} That's m'girl and our special recipe pumpkin muffins! Mmmmmmmmmm! On our way to a fun 4H meeting today!

But I digress! I was a little stumped by these colors when suddenly, like a vision.... I recalled: Lovely As A Tree! {Possibly the oldest stamp set in Stampin' Up! history!} But, friend... this hee-ah set, gave me a vision, and allowed me to complete my offer to the COLOR THOWDOWN CHALLENGE gals, tonight! Yipee! I hope you enjoy and THANK YOU for visiting my lil' crafty spot! I wish you all the joy and pumpkin muffins of the season! Have a great one, dear friend!

Supplies -

All supplies by Stampin' Up!


Anonymous said...

Pretty darn genius, if you ask me! :-) And oh my goodness~ I don't know which I want to do more: Stuff one of those muffins in my mouth or pinch on those adorable rosy cheeks! :-) PRECIOUS!!!

LeAnne said...

Wowza! So is that vellum that is your overlay? Very cool look, I was thinking how neglected my vellum has been lately! And how about the RECIPE for the pumpkin muffins.....inquiring minds want to know!!! YUM! Thanks for sharing this beauty *I should say beauties* with us!!!

Sue Lelli said...

OMG! A LOVELY card and those tempting muffins! I think both are just FAB! The colors on the tree turned out so great the way you "shaded" them!

Rosemary said...

A card as lovely, as well... A TREE!! and a charming little girl with muffins to top it! Great card!! Oh, yeah and share the recipe!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I love that stamp set and refuse to part with it:)

Love the card and the muffins!!!

Gotta lift the card.

Kelley Eubanks said...

This is gorgeous Elise!! I love your 'highlighted' tree!! Very pretty and clever!! Such a pretty girl you have too!!

Dotty Jo said...

Oh Elise, fabulous card, gorgeous daughter, yummy muffins AND a dog dressed for Halloween - oooooh, you spoil us you really do! Jo x

Dana Gustafson said...

Welll this is just LOVELy, lovely as, well,....a TREE! (hee hee I'm giggling) But truly, your tree is breathtaking. Fabulous!

ANd that cute little muffin with her muffins, she's da best!

Linda aka Oz said...

E, you look so young in that picture... (pausing for full effect)..hehe.

I love the card. I think it was pulled up from way down deep. From the back of the drawer, as I always say. And it was needed, cause it is so lovely. Great take on the challenge. A standout for sure!
I do want to know one thing. At what un-godly hour to you compose this masterpiece?? LOL Your friend till the end...Oz

Karen said...

LOVELY.......the card and your sweet girl!! You just made that tree shine and your daughter does the same for those muffins! :>

Ann said...

Don't know which is yummier, the card or the muffins! Both are fab-o! said...

Love your card and I am coming over to sample those muffins - YUMMERS!!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh, love it! Muffins look delicious! Off to eat some sweets!