Friday, November 27, 2009

Soooooo thankful... I'm DONE!


Wasn't exactly planning on doing the WHOLE shebang here at Rancho Durenberger. Sadly, my sweet mama was feeling poorly and pulled the plug on her {"I'm a veteran of Thanksgiving cooking... can do this with my eyes closed...."} Thanksgiving meal... SOOOOOOO, I did it. I just did it. Nothing too special.. Well, actually, the pies were screamin'! But I was already planning to make THOSE.... *sigh... DID you know, that when your turkey doesn't cook evenly and you keep putting it back in the oven... THAT'S a terrific way to make turkey jerky... Mmm!

Yeah, it's fine. My kids LOVE stuffing! And I replicated some fabulous "harvest potatoes" I had at a retreat once upon a time ~ just a medley of super diverse potato choices, including yams {!} all diced into fabulous lil' cubes, with some sweet onion, tossed in a mixture of maple syrup, soy sauce and garlic olive oil.... THEN broiled! Ooooowwweee! {Oh, no! Don't tell me I'm getting hungry AGAIN! Sheesh!} Okay, so I guess it was a successful meal, overall. Hey! What about you? Gosh, I sure hope ALL-O-YOU had a glorious day! There was MUCH to be thankful for, no doubt.. And some special prayers, to be sure! On a love-filled, terribly concerned, but quietly optimistic and determined note, we said prayers for dear Kelley Eubanks, who just recently learned that she is facing some daunting medical news. She's become a very dear friend of mine, and if you haven't been to her blog in a while, I just want to encourage you to stop buy and give her a little love and encouragement.... She's already feeling the collective love of blogland, but when it comes to positive energy and prayer ~ there's never enough...

SO. {How do I transition back to perkey CARD making talk, NOW!?! } Well, I'll just do this ~

After my 3rd kitchen clean-up session... (*sob) I decided to treat myself with some play time in Scrapland.... Guess what I did? I cleaned. Oh, yeah. It was pretty sad in here. BUT THEN, I sat down and stirred up some CARD CASSEROLE! Lot's of leftovers in Scrapland... and THIS, gorgeous Turkey stamp I've had for many years now.... Well, it gobbled at me!

My husband comes through Scrapland every now and then... I guess it's safe to say that my shelves are beginning to overflow with cards... He noticed that I had nothing on display that represented Thanksgiving... Hmmmm. Alrighty then!

I thought a nice TURKEY celebration was in order... Especially after the disrespect I showed one, earlier... THIS is one seriously well rendered Turkey image, but I wanted him to shine a bit brighter... AND I remembered that CAARDVARKS is looking for colored images... So here's a shot of "naked" turkey...

And then another shot to show how lively Mr. Gobbles became with some watercolor work! Just adding some shadow and highlight really turned him up a notch... And now, maybe I won't feel so guilty about my mangled Turkey Jerky... tee hee No, seriously though... leftovers of any kind can always make a girl feel a lil' more high achieving... THAT Crushed Curry Card Stock has been sitting out for weeks! Not to mention that pumpkin button that I've tried to use about 40 times before and never made the right fit... {doh!}

So, sweet friends of blogland... It's quite late {or EARLY} once again, and I've rambled... I TRULY hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Having the chance to play with you all is, still, one of my favorite and MOST thankful parts of my world right now... Blessings to you all!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Stampin' Up! & PSX
Die Cut Circle - Sizzix & Stampin' Up!
Embossing folder - Sizzix
Ink - Stampin' Up! & Staz On
Pumpkin Button - Dress It Up
Ribbon - Michael's
Tiny Leaf Punch - Family Treasures


Sue-ann said...

Wow, what a turkey! Great stamp!!

Vanessa said...

Hehe, great excuse to make a card!!! Your husband has to learn a lot ;) Loove your card! I hope you are finished with cleaning for a while! Have a fab day!


Dotty Jo said...

Glad to hear that your turkey wrangling session turned out fine! Great card, love what a little watercolour work can do for an image. You asked what we call yesterday/Thanksgiving Day over here in the UK? Well Elise, this year we called it 'Thursday'! We don't have an equivalent celebration over here, which I think is kinda sad. We have to wait until Christmas day to get up close and personal with a turkey!
Hugs, Jo x

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

That is a fab turkey stamp! Awesome card.. Love your wreath:)

Yeah.. I did the meal too. Very nontraditional.. Leg of Lamb! And tons of cleaning between the 'make this, bake that'!!!

I'm envious that you could cook the entire meal and still craft!

Hugs to your momma and Kelly...

I'm off to leave her some prayers...

Karen said...

Elise, I simply adore your chatter at the wee hours!! :>:> Glad to hear that your Thanksgiving came off, sorry that it involved so much work for you! But, even after it all, how fab that you got inspired in Scrapland!! That turkey image is divine and you know I do love the little that sweet leaf wreath for your cute pumpkin button! :>:> Happy day after Thanksgiving Day!! I'm off to clean as my company arrives in three and a half hours and oh my, what a mess!

Dana Gustafson said...

Ahhh turkey jerky...I've been there a time or two. What can you do? It's really all about the stuffing and potatoes anyways (boy do yours some amazing!) Bravo saver of ROCK!

And what a celebration of turkey stamp and tiny leaf wreath! YOU have been a busy girl! I on the other hand, made jello salad, appetizer dip and was a guest. LOL xoxo to you and yours!

LeAnne said...

Yes, well, you're making me hungry! The bad thing about going to someone else's house is that you have NO leftovers at your own house....bummer. I actually stuck a pheasant in the crockpot today to make up for the lack of turkey!
CUTE card, that turkey is da bomb! Especially colored up like that! And thanks for mentioning Kelley, yes, we all need to pray for her & her family!

Claire said...

Gobble, gobble, Elise! (That's turkey-speak for, "Cute card, Elise"!

Rosemary said...

Fabulous Thanksgiving card, sweet Elise! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and then got to do some crafting!! I love to read your funny blog and the funny, sweet, and wonderful comments you leave for me! I am thankful that I have gotten to know you! You are a dear, wonderful person!

Sue-ann said...
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Lea L. said...

Such a pretty Thanksgiving card! Love that elegant turkey image and the dry embossing you did! Great job with the Caardvarks challenge!