Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Timmy, Tim, Tim... the TIMINATOR!


Isn't he the dreamiest!?!

Here are my versions of Tim's tags, 5, 6, 7 and 8... For YOUR consideration! {Oh, the fun!} What a GAS, Tim's tags have been for me and MANY of you, as well! Yee HAW! And, may I just say, that although, I have incorporated some of my own rendered artwork, where I was lacking in stamps, you and the NATION'S economy can rest assured that I have SINCE purchased much of Tim's products that I was desperately trying to NOT go crazy in purchasing... {Woopsie! Just a lil' shopping therapy - Merry Christmas!}

Fun with FRAGMENTS! Wahoooooo! Tag #5!

A little fragment FUN and a close up of the magic! {You may or MAY NOT recall that I spent the entire month of April, 2009, my 2nd month of blogging, devoted to my LOVE of all things FRAGMENTS..!} What a good time!

Tag #6!


AND.... #8!

Once again, didn't feel much narrative was necessary, since these are my interpretation of Tim's fabulous inspiration... I had fun challenging myself to render and paint Santa and the Lamp Post, since I didn't OWN the stamps (*gasp!*).... And ALSO, great fun in digging though my stash to find embellishments that fit the bill... DUMPING TACKLE! Oh, yeah, babies! That makes it ALL worthwhile! In spite of some of my OTHER projects {cough-cough-cackle!} I'm determined to finish these tags! Doh!

On a SIDE NOTE! Thanks for all of your sweet words of understanding and encouragement regarding the NONA situation! It really helps! REALLY! Like a big, warm, wonderful BLOG-HUG! Thanks again, sistas!


Dotty Jo said...

Hey sweet girl, it's just so good to have you back!!!!!!! Ok, so totally wonderful tags - you are so talented! Jo x

Anonymous said...

Look how gorgeous! So... you're telling me that YOU drew and colored that Santa & light post?!?! NO. WAY. You are amazing...amazing!

~amy~ said...

good grief sista....these are absolutely de-lish! I love them!

Carol L said...

These tags are all fantastic and Tim taught you well!!! I especially love the tree tied to the top of the old card! That was my favorite of Tim's this year too. Great job on all of them!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh look at these! Hot Tim Tags... Totally! Love your Santa and did I hear you say you made your own light post? Dang!

Love them.. Love the details.. Love the goodies under the fragments!

You are Rockin' the Tags!

ps.. I'm on 11!!!!!!!

Courtney Baker said...

WOw girl these are awesome. I especially love the last too... yummy!

Rosemary said...

EEEECCCKKKK!! Fabulous tags!! Especially luv the fragments tag! I'm definitely going to have to get some NOW and make some of those ornaments!! You rocked T!m's tags, funny friend!! Well, actually... YOU ROCK!!

Karen said...

Love, love, love!!! Your Tim tags have me loving his uber fabulous 12 Tags of Christmas all over again!! And you are right on track for working under that deadline!! Doing a might be better at that than I (but, I have a good excuse....really!). My goodness...pairing the talent in your pinky with Tim's inspiration really is SUCH A JOY to watch!!!! :>:>

Ann said...

Ohmyword, these are FANtastic!!!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh wow Elise... these are great!! I can't decide which one is my fav!! They are all awesome!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Well just go paint yourself a santa and a light post why don't you?!?!?! You are crazzzzzzzy talented and your amazing cards and tags are only scratching the surface. I just never know or can even imagine what I will find here next. despite the monster new scrapland project you got going on you still got major mojo babe! Just keep plugging away on what you gotta do and we'll all be here when you get back with your creative offerings.