Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christi!

What are your favorite things about blogging?

I have far too many to count... but, guess what? I'm going to share one of my FAVORITE reasons to blog, right NOW!

I made this little card to celebrate the birth of Christi Milliken, 50 YEARS ago! Happy BIRTHDAY, girl! Surprise! It's your day, and I'm part of YOUR birthday blog hop! Yipee!

Okay, if you don't KNOW Christi, yet ~ you're not alone! I don't know her, VERY WELL, at this point, but that's no biggie... THIS IS BLOGLAND! I've been to Christi's blog via challenges and here and there {she's VERY talented! Stop by and see her amazing work, if you have a chance!}, but I don't KNOW, know her... Here comes the REALLY cool part! Christi's parents contacted me many, MANY months ago. They found my name on her blog and decided to include me on a list of bloggers who might contribute to a special celebration for this momentous birthday celebration... HOW COULD I REFUSE! Is it possible that she has some of the most darling parents on the PLANET!?!?! Well, I won't qualify them any further, except to say that in addition to being thoughtful ... they must be pretty brave! Whether it was to delve into technology or reach out to strangers... or ALL OF THE ABOVE....! I was SO impressed with their unique plan and LOVE for their, sweet baby girl! She MUST be extraordinary, IRL! hee hee {No pressure, Christi, I'm just sayin'... YOUR parents rock! And they must have pretty good reason!}

Not only that, but I really appreciate the "kick in the pants" this particular commitment was for me, being that I haven't stamped, glued or crafted in any way other than HOME DEC, since the fabulous 12 days of T!m tags... Scrapland has been under some MAJOR construction and NO crafting has been possible! THANKS to Christi and her parents, I was forced to make it work ~ and I'm GLAD for the incentive... HAPPY incentive!

Here's some detail of this fun sheep from October Afternoon ~ I busted out some old Liquid Applique from Marvy! {Almost forgot HOW magical that stuff is! Woops!}

Oh, friends. Papercrafting! {I've missed the magic!}

And because I was actually up and running with this card AND a fun little gifty that Christi will receive in the mail..... {probably not by TODAY *doh!* Sorry, hon! Monday or TUESDAY at the latest! It was QUITE a week!} Anywhooo, my maiden crafting event in NEW Scrapland!, happened, thanks to CHRISTI! In celebration, I'm going to give you a {MESSY!} sneak peek at how things are shaping up!

So THERE! Wahooooooo! What a cool way to celebrate SO many things! But especially Christi and her parents, Ken and Pat ~ what a lovely family! Here are the other blogs for hopping! Play along, if you have time or just give Christi a shout out - SUCH a great thing about BLOGLAND! I love it!

1. June Houck

2. Jeanne Tomshack

3. Barb Walker

4. Stacy L

5. Christi Thorsen

6. Cammie (Carolyn King)

7. Marie Isom

8. Mary Ellen Harrison

9. Sarah Masteller

10. Susan Roberts

11. Jeanette Fincher

Here's a run down on my supplies... {forgive me if I leave something out! It's been a while since I've thought about my supplies..., other than where to PUT them in my new scraproom! hee hee}

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - October Afternoon
Stamps - October Afternoon (sheep) & Inkadinkadoo (sentiment)
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Sticker Letters - October Afternoon
Border Punch - EK
Ribbon - Michael's

Thanks for visiting me today!!! It feels good to be back! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chirsti!


Carol L said...

Scrapland is lookin' mighty good!! Things are moving right along since your last post, and I'm so happy for you getting such a wonderful place to create your magic!
Your card for Christi is adorable and I love the liquid applique on the little lambie! I think this is a fabulous way to celebrate someone's birthday! Christi will be so pleased!!

Beth said...

Super cutey patooty! Paige walked up behind me as I was looking at your card and said "Awww....cute. Can we print that?" Then I promised to tell you that she said that :-)

Scrapland is looking great! Have to say I'm jealous! One day I'll post my little would be comical.

Dotty Jo said...

Glad to see Scrapland is looking good! Love your card soooooooooo much, I have a few sheep hanging around my house (pottery ones, not the real thing) as I have a bit of a thing for these wool covered critters! So good to have you back in Blogland - just can't begin to tell you how much you have been missed! Hugs, Jo x

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Cute cute cute Ka-youte!!!!! Love the sheep!

Oh my.. What an awesome birthday present! And yes, those parents rock!!!!! I have to go wish the birthday girl HB...

Scrappy Land is fun! I played I spy..
I found:
2 computers
1 super cute cowgirl clock
1 super cute cowgirl bumper sticker or sign
Boatloads of stamps!!!!!!!

Fun fun fun!

Rosemary said...

Must say, things are looking fabby in new Scrapland!! What a wonderful way to get you back into the craftin' mood! And yes, Christi's parents are fantastic! To step out like that for their daughter is just amazing! So looking for more amazing crafty goodness from Scrapland II!

Sarah said...

What a FUN card Christi will LOVE it!!! So much fun to participate..I don't 'know' her either but just through blogging...and she is SUCH a sweetie.
Your scrapland is looking awesome!

June Houck said...

Ewe made the cutest card :) (Sorry for the bad pun!)

I am in awe of your craft room...when are you coming to Virginia to do mine??? I hope you will post further updates; your craft space is inspirational!

Christi Flores said...

Scrapland looks wonderful and I LOVE this card!!!

Barb said...

How cute is this card?! SO very cute!! LOVE the texture on the little sheepie!

Karen said...

Woooohoooooo!! You MADE it pun intended! :> NEW Scrapland is coming along and I do see signs of life. And you pulled together a cutie of a card.....liquid applique makes me feel like an ooohing and ahhhing kidlet myself! SOOO happy to see you get a little crafty play in! :>

Jeanne said...

Ohhhhh what a wonderful incentive to get you crafting again! Your card is tee-rific! Love that liquid applique. I completely agree about Christi's parents!

I'm in the middle of a purge of my craft space (love that you call it scrapland) and enjoyed the sneakie peekie into your space. Looking good!

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh my gosh, Elise! Your card is so adorable!!! I love that sheep with the LA. What a wonderful design. SO cute!!

Stacy said...

Hee, hee, I love your little sheep! It is sooo cute!!!! Can't wait to see what you make next!

Marie said...

Way, way too much good stuff here for me to take it all in in one I'm a follower now :-). Love your ADORABLE card!

Rose said...

oh what a awesome thing for Christi's parents to set up!! and your card is super cute, best get to crafting again girl ;)
scrappy land is shaping up fab!! but i have to wonder if your 8feet tall or have a ladder to reach all the high stuff lol

stampmonkey said...

Awww, Elise...'EWE' didn't! ;P (Sorry, couldn't help myself! lol) Your card is so adorable -- I love that fluffy lamb is the cutest, and the li'l pink bow is so sweet!

Thank you so much for the sweet compliments about me and my parents (they ARE the best) and for letting them coerse you into playing along with their scheme. ;) It's a bit embarrassing, but I have to admit this has been a blast! (And it appears that if you've ever left a comment on my blog you were fair game --thanks for being such a good sport, especially when you've got sooo much going on.)

You've been a busy girl since I last visited your blog --I'm amazed at all you've accomplished (and you even managed to make a darling card for a relative stranger in the midst of it all)! It's shaping up beautifully and I love how well organized it is. I have the same question as Rose: How do you plan to reach your stamps and ribbon? ;)

Oh, and LMK when you have Scrapland's grand opening party --as the proud new owner of a lot of Dove dark chocolates, fun buttons, and beautiful primas, if you keep your numbers small, we can all have a lot of fun with my new stash! lol

Thanks again, Elise, for being a part of my most memorable birthday! It's been so much fun...albeit a li'l emotional. ;)

stampmonkey said...

Oops...I just saw that I misspelled 'coerced' incorrectly. D'oh! ;)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Elise.... your card is adorable and scrapland... WOW!! Looks amazing! Love the colors (saw the post down below)! The carpet is nice!! :)

Very sweet of your to participate for Christy's bday! Thats awesome! Love ya girl!

Ann said...

EWE are so fantastic! What a sweet thing to do for a fellow blogger! Your card is adorable!

Vanessa said...

Yay, an Elise card!!! So happy to see your creation and it is adorable and amazing!! Love the "wool" you gave the little sheep and her cute hairdo!! Scrapland looks super!


Courtney Baker said...

What an awesome card girl! I love it!

LeAnne said...

Very cool! Nice card, wonderful gesture of her parents! And what a cool craft area that's developing! Yahoo!

Claire said...

Yeehaw, cowgirl! Ewe make great cards! And Scrapland just gets better and better!

~amy~ said...

Hey your fun, fun, fun card!!!!! woot woot for your new is most fantastic!!!

Monica said...

i'm christi's oldest daughter and i just wanted to thank you for being a part of my mom's special day. the blog hop turned out wonderful and your card is adorable. i must also tell you that i love the name of your page, i love cows! =] from seeing the picture of your new stamping space it looks like you have been busy! i appreciate you taking the time and effort to do this for my mom. i know how special it was to her and i wanted to let you know it means a lot to me too!