Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More progress from NEW Scrapland!

I'm on a mission, friends! GET SCRAPLAND DONE and share a "big reveal" on FRIDAY!

Can she do it? YES..., she can!

Check out some home-dec FUN!

This little jewel is something I've been planning for a LONG time ~ I wanted to do this in old Scrapland, when IT was new! But once I got up and running in there, I was never able to put decorative projects back on the top of the to-do list {Wah!} So, this time, I'm sticking to my creative guns! This is a decorative CARD bulletin board, concept. An old barn window, sealed, crackled and painted.... Some chicken wire for texture and also to clip artwork to... AND SOME long curated over... COOL COWBOY FABRIC!!! Yes, ma'am! I'm "dumping tackle" in a BIG way! I've got some materials I have been guarding for nearly 10 YEARS.... {OMG!} Finally! A place for "my things!" hee hee

Lots of room for cards, and still enough for this juicy "Roy Roger's" print to S-H-I-N-E upon the walls of my lovely new Scrapland!

This was such a hot idea for me, I decided to do it AGAIN, with this cool door I found underneath our big chicken barn - this one already had the chicken wire included {WHAT a bargain!}, plus a cool kind of shelf thingy...

('Scuse the uncovered outlet - my punch list is a MILE long!)

Check out ROY and TRIGGER! Yessireee, Bob! They are looking FINE and bless them for providing me some great accent to tie so many of my new colors TOGETHER! I'm so excited to show you pictures of how they look in the context of my furniture, materials and other such yummies.... BUT... YOU HAVE TO WAIT! Mwaaaaaaahh Haaaaa Haaaa!

{It's fun to build a lil' suspense!}

I promise to have that outlet covered the next time you see this corner of New Scrapland! Okay? All RIGHT!?! AND, wait! There's more!

On Thursday, I have a little announcement to share with y'all... {WHOOOPEE!} and maybe a few more pictures of some decorative work I've got going in my new digs... I guess it's safe to say that I've rounded a corner... on the way to "my new happy place!" New Scrapland is feeling more and more like "home" for me and all of my craftiest treasures... In fact, I managed to get my internet signal in there today {all by myself! Yipee!} So, I'm TRULY on my way!

Thanks, SO much for letting me share this journey with you all! I am so appreciative of all the funny comments and kindness you've all shown to me during this process... It has REALLY helped me on the difficult days... I can't even tell ya!

Okay! Bye now!


Beth said...

Woop! Woop! you GO girl! I LOVE the bulletine boards, Crafty McCrafterson! I can hear in your post that you've rounded the corner!! YAY! Can't wait for Friday :-)

As for me, husband just returned from 16 days away, so I'm being spoiled with the house to myself to do nothing but play with PAPER! YES@!

Dawn said...

Ok seriously, you are killing me. I am GREEN with envy, green I tell 'ya!! Scrapland is A-MAZ-ING and I wish I could play in there all day! Maybe one day I will have "The Studio". A girl can dream. ;o)

Rosemary said...

Wow, Elise!!! Your "home dec" projects are absolutely fabulous!!! I'm a little envious, too, wishing I even had a "scrapland" sigh.... oh well, I can live vicariously through you!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics on Friday! Yeee Haaaw, my friend!!

Karen said...

WOW! Yup, yup, a picture truely is worth a thousand words!! I had an idea of what you were describing to me, but SEEING it is sooo much better! Can't wait until I can come down and see it IRL! :> And I'm counting down the hours until tomorrow!!!! :>

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh my... This is super duper!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the furnishings! If you have a leather or cowhide chair in the corner I am going to DIE!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the reveal.

And I want so bad to guess at the announcement!!!! OH girl... I hope it's fun, exciting, keeps you busy, allows for sharing more creative works, and, maybe get some cash ola... too!!!!! Just sayin'... wishin these things for little ol' you!

Dotty Jo said...

Just fabulous! Jo x

Linda aka Oz said...

lovin that room girlfriend. I can see the steam puffin outta your ears! Punch and Judy list is more like I bet...hehe
So happy for you. Miles and miles of happy! Oz

Rose said...

oh what fun!! can't wait to see all of scrappy land :)

~amy~ said...

OMGoodness....LOVE all the card bulletin boards...excellent idea!!! Lookin' Good Sista!

stampmonkey said...

How cute are those?!?! LOVE 'em! Love your imagination and ability to meld it with creativity to make it into a reality!