Saturday, May 29, 2010

My name is Elise...

Hello, Elise.

This is my first meeting of "Embossing Tools Anonymous..." I used some embossing folders today..... {APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!}

And it W-A-S.... R-E-A-L-L-Y ...... FUN!!!!!!!! Fun, fun, fun, WICKED fun!


Are you a member?

Ask yourself this question... Do you now, or have you ever owned more than ONE embossing folder for each day of the week? Better yet, do you own, old school EMBOSSING plates! The little brass beauties, the kind that could double as Christmas ornaments.... You thought you'd use them like crazy, chalking, tracing, maybe to push some plaster through and get REALLY artsy, or, possibly, REALLY and truly embossing with them? Well, if you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you must run, click and slide right on over to the Just Us Girls Challenge this week! It's WILDCARD time, babies!

What a terrific reason to join "Embossing Tools Anonymous!" It's my {mythical} support group to encourage myself, AND OTHERS, to use their fabulous embossing tools! How timely that the JUGS girls got busy with a dry embossing challenge! After I just carted off, almost more than I could or should carry, T!m Holtz embossing folders from that wonderful LSS I shared about in my previous post.... {*Swoon!*}, this worked PERFECTLY for me!

On this card, I even OLD school embossed with a big oval plate and even some little circles for this adorable little pup's "thought balloon!" He had some VERY big thoughts, for a lil' pup. I guess I was feeling a little sarcastic in my state of embossing... Oh, and..... COLOR!!!!!!

Oh, HAPPY DAY! I have finally found a little slice of time to PLAY some good, old fashioned CHALLENGE!!! Whooopeeee! The Color Throwdown GIRLS, at last I can proudly post your juicy swatch of color upon my wee-little blog! "Hey, guys! Mom said I could play until supper!"

Aw, forget supper - I've got my CRAFT-ONNNNN!

I felt like really FEELING these fabulous colors, so I busted out some very wonderful WATER-COLORABLE images from Pink Persimmon! {If you can't locate Pink Persimmon on the web, e-mail me! They've got some awesome stuff!} Holy 1950's READER images - ain't they the cutest! In this one set, Little Red Wagon, there are images and sentiments a-plenty! I've played with these guys a LOT, and when you have the urge to color, or even paper-piece your little heart out, thems the guys! I love the playful vintage potential, and even though they come with a host of terrific sentiments, I was feeling a little sarcastic and silly today. Once I had created my little scene, I wanted them to say something kind of sassy... That's when the dog told me he had something to say. Suddenly, I pictured an engagement card... A real fun, sarcastic one. The kind you give to a couple, who has, say, been living together for a VERY long time..... So long, they are almost legally married, anyway! So, I hope no one takes offense to doggy's thought balloon. I couldn't find a stamp that did the job I needed, so I created a little paragraph, and then embossed the whole thing oval style. I cut away sort of a cloud shape and the bubbles to the dog's head kind of followed.... A fun, but unexpected path for this card.

Just so there was no mistake, I created a sentiment for the inside of the card, as well. I like it SO much, I'm wishing I'd thought of it before my big bro got married to his longtime sweetheart in March.... He's a COMEDIAN, he could totally handle it!

Anyway, fun friends of blogland! Hope you're enjoying the first part of the long Memorial Day Weekend! I took a NICE lil' break from the "end of the school year to-do list", to play in Scrapland today, but tonight, it's back to costume production for the little girl's end of the year play... I'm probably going to have to share then final results with you when it's all done. { I hope you don't mind...} For now, here's a quick pic of my darling BANANA PEEL #2..

{Horsie GRAIN SACK art!} We had fun with these! Stay tuned for more wearable art and costumes with RECYCLABLES!

See ya soon, sweet friends!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Pink Persimmon
Ink - Stampin' Up! & Staz On
Embossing Folders - Tim Holtz/Sizzix & Cuttlebug
Oval Shape Embossing Plate - (?) So old, I have NO idea!
Small Circles Embossing Plate - Stampin' Up!
Font - Jester


Rosemary said...

Well, YEEEE HAAW! I'm the first to post and tell you just how incredibly talented you are at not only card making, but blogging!! You are my SHE-RO!!! But seriously, your card is FANTASTIC and oh so subtly sarcastically funny, sweetie! And I raise my hand and join you in Embossing Tools Anonymous! I, too, have "old school" brass embossing templates and enough embossing folders for each day of the week and then some!! Hee hee!! And don't get me started about the banana costume... GENIUS, pure GENIUS!

Dana Gustafson said...

Hee hee hee! I KNEW what the next JUGS challenge was and when you were talking embossing the other day, I was giggling....pretty much a guarantee you could join us this week with all those juicy new T!m folders to choose from...and I know your old school embossing selection is pretty well stocked too! Loving this card in all it's Pink Persimmon precious images and E-ster comedic relief! Way to go my water color wonder woman!

~amy~ said...

Okay, now how stinkin' FUN, FUN, FUN is this card?!!! That pup is wise beyond his puppy are sooooooo clever!!!

LeAnne said...

Gosh, I think we have the same (warped) sense of humor because I thought this was a hysterically funny card.....and of course, I just love these images! You're a hoot!

Tammy Hershberger said...

OMGosh, those images are CUTE! GREAT card, Elise and I am LMHO at your reference to using old brass embossing templates as Christmas ornaments! LOL LOVE the banana peel, too.... very creative!

Vanessa said...

Wow, this is fabulous, Elise! And I love your humor, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog, dear friend! Hugs, Vanessa x

Kathy Martin said...

What a cute card and image! :)

Dotty Jo said...

Comedic genes must run in your familiy sweetheart as you are sooooooooo funny! Love your card, how fabulous that the little dog has such a handle on life! I'm signing up as a member of your group as I have embossing plates a plenty! Love your little banana girl, yellow is so her colour! Jo x

Laura Pryor said...

Really fun card! I love how well you colored that great image!

AKiteFlier said...

Sorry I’m late with my commenting busy, busy weekend!. You did a super job with this week’s challenge. Thanks so much for playing along with Just Us Girls. We appreciate your participation and support. :-) Hope to see you again on Saturday!

Karen said...

Oh goodness! Elise you ABSOLUTELY CRACK ME UP!!! Your post, your digi journaling, YOU! YOU!! YOU!!! :>:> Glad you have had a chance to put your embossing goodies to work making this wonderfully adorable card, love those kids! :>