Tuesday, November 9, 2010


No, I mean, SMOKIN' HOT! Like, "before the Christmas rush" HOT! {They on FI-YA!}

It's time for W9 big release extravaganza, once again! Dawn's got ALL kinds of exciting going on at WPLUS9 design studio, this month! Guest designers {of the STAMPS, themselves...!}, give-aways, and fun, new ways to purchase stamps, so... the anticipation doesn't kill you/us/etc.! {Isn't she the MOST thoughtful stamp purveyor!} Anywhoo, check out Dawn's blog for all the fantastic details!

Meanwhile, I stamped a little something, or two... to help ease you into the mood! Here's some, oh-so-glittery and stampilicious fun with "Classic Christmas"... Name says it all, but THOSE fonts and ornaments will surely, ring YOUR bell! {CHECK 'em OUT!}

Wait for it, wait for it.....

{Oh, BEHAVE! - I'm TALKIN' to myself!}
It's stamp-festivus, for the REST of us! Way to ring in some HO HO HO and all that!
Here are some of the fun, fun details!

Classic Christmas


Set of 12 high-quality photopolymer stamps;
3 large linear ornaments, 3 smaller solid ornaments, 2 string images, and 4 sentiments
Full Set Dimensions: 6x8
Price: $19

Next, the LOVELY and oh, so sweet and talented, Kerrianne, is back with another design, but this time she's makin' it PERSONAL! {hee hee} You can truly see her stellar artistic and design sense in this image - I'm pretty sure that's how she looks, Christmas shopping...! Just saying! :o)

I had SUCH fun paper piecing and coloring this lil' darling. Couldn't POSSIBLY turn this city girl into a cowgirl, but you might like to know that I added some "tunes" and tiny bit of sentiment from Dawn's set, Birds & Bees.... {I know, I'm naughty that way!} ... Here are some details from this charming collection:

Retro Girly Christmas


Set of 5 high-quality photopolymer stamps;
2 images and 3 sentiment phrases
Full Set Dimensions: 3x4
Price: $6

Good luck resisting her charms: look at that fabby price tag! PERFECT stocking stuffer... that's what I'm TALKING about! Seriously! What fun Christmas tags, bags and sentiments are possible here! {Can you tell I'm just giddy about this new release?}

Also, after spending my ENTIRE Saturday, with a lil' fella'... named, Tim... You might have heard of him...? He's kinda talented with paper n' stuff. Check out HIS blog, and you'll see some of the MOST darling friends, with whom I ROAD TRIPPED with, to this great scrapbook & EVERYTHING store in Elk Grove, Ca.... Anyway, you can only see the tip of my pony-tail, but my three darling buds are clearly visible in Tim's latest post - check it and drool, friends - WE MADE SOME REALLY AWESOME STUFF! {Gasp! Including, my SIGNED sweatshirt! hee hee}

So, if I sound a little punch drunk, I'm still FLOATING! {I won an alpha die & Christmas texture fade folders - YEAH, babies! I did, I did, I did!} Also, my post was delayed tonight, due to a little mishap with a wayward cow... Auntie {like 100 years old - seriously!}... broke through fences like they were made of potato chips and took a stroll through a neighbor's vineyard and out towards my kid's SCHOOL! My young son and I stealth fully tracked her and beckoned her home... {It was like a lovely children's book, only, with cursing.} Husband was "at a meeting" {HA HA} and wasn't of much help in the round up... {Yes, I WROTE that on social media!}

Talk about getting your juices flowing... {Ahem!} Well, we got her back in bounds, for now! A {one!} cowgirl's work is never done. I followed up the rustlin' with a late night of catch up and stamping with my fave night-time talk show hosts - it's ALL good!

I adore you all!

Oh, and don't forget to check out what Dawn, Kerrianne and Jinny did with this latest couple of sets.... Tomorrow, the fun will continue: YEEEEE HAAAAAAWWWW!


Jinny Newlin said...

Oh, Elise! These are fantastic! I love your little, RetroGirly Christmas singing away. Soooo cute! I just got the Birds and the Bees but have only had a short time to play.

Kerrianne said...

Elise - you always make me SMILE!! Thank you for making such a beautiful card with my set - and I only wished I looked like that Christmas shopping!! HA HA...usually more adorned in sweat pants to fight the crazy crowds!! Glad you were able to wrangle your crazy cow - hope all is well!! XOXO!!

~amy~ said...

You are going to frame your sweatshirt, aren't you?!

Love your festive cards...the new releases are FABulous!

Ann said...

OMG, Tim in the flesh! Woohoo! :D

Both your cards are FAB, my friend!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh, girly... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!

First, I now have 'You can ring my bell, bell, bell, ring my bell' singing in my head.. just the 'teen-see-ist' suggestion from you...and poof!

But girl, that card is HOT!!!! I LOVE the colors!!!!!! And the itty bitty bell, and the sparkles and shines!

Tim? Hold me back.. love him... Would love to elope with him.. but we are both taken...I'll have to settle for another year of the 12 tags.. you DID mention your bff that pursuaded you to do the 12 tags last year, right????

OK.. On to The Auntie Cow! What a sassy pants that girl is! Tell me.. was she kickin' up those back legs, and droppen' her head and chasin' the two of you home? Did she get her sashay on? Or, did you just put a lead rope around her and coax her with a flake of hay???? Girls.Girls.Girls. Gotta love them, eh?

And why do these things always happen when the menfolk are never home??????? What up with THAT!
Every stinkin' time...

And so glad to see you bloggin'!

Karen said...

Auntie! Sounds like she led you & your boy on quite an adventure!

And gotta love that ornament card!! Super classic & graphic...enough to make me start singing some Christmas carols...watch out! :>

I was watching Mario's tweets come in over the weekend & saw Claire, Dana, Missy & yes, your ponytail on his blog yesterday. Glad you had a great time with the creative Tim man, himself! :>

LeAnne said...

Lovely card, lovely set! It looks like you had fun with TIM and your cow story is a perfect finish!!! :D

Emily Leiphart said...

Two fabulous holiday cards, Elise! I especially love the way you combined Birds & Bees with Retro Girly Christmas. Plus how cool is it that you had your sweatshirt autographed by Tim Holtz! P.S. I gave you a little mention in my post today. ;)

Brandi said...

Your cards are so adorable! I love the things you share on your blog, the stories are too funny! Wow! That must have been a week, catching a runaway cow and seeing Tim!

farmhouse-story said...

your cards are just lovely, elise!

dtarca said...

Those are great....! LOVE that you added the tunes. Cows...sigh...I am sooooo right there w/ya!

Michele Gross said...

I triple dog hope that you sang "get along little doooogggiieeee" to her as you coaxed her home! ;)
Tim...hmmm...I know a lot of tims....oh wait, THAT Tim??? :D Have you taken the sweatshirt off yet/ hehehehehehehe