Saturday, April 30, 2011

How cool is WILDCARD week!?!

I love that WILDCARD week is just THAT: wild!

Whomever is the lucky host of WILDCARD week around the JUGS headquarters, usually
has a LOT of crafty fun up their sleeve! THIS week, the ever-so-inspirational crafty babe,
Andrea, CERTAINLY does deliver! When I say CRAFTY fun, I mean THIS:


{Meet "Wildcard" the horse... He's EVERY bit what the name implies.}

THIS type, is a little easier to GET in the middle of, if YA know what I mean...

And if ya DON'T know what I mean, CHECK OUT the fabby, inspirational tutorial, here!

BUT ALSO, see what the fabulous gals of JUST US GIRLS have been up to with this
AMAZING technique - if you've never tried emboss resist, there's a LOT of fine inspiration
to get you revving up your embossing guns... That's what I'M talkin' about!

And, don't forget our SUPER guest designer, for April, Teresa Kline!!!
It's Teresa's last week with us, the GIRLZ, of Jugland... WE are definitely
going to miss her GORGEOUS inspiration, from this side of the town.
I hope you'll get by and give her some love and gratitude for sharing her
amazing talent with us, so selfishly. {I AM a HUGE fan!} Thanks, Teresa!

Meanwhile, THIS card was a hoot to make. I really enjoyed letting the
creative horses OUT THE BACK GATE and shooting my embossing gun
like I was the Lone Ranger on a Honky-Tonk Saturday Night!

I embossed the text on the top of my panel, first, before any other color was applied.
I embossed the second section of text OVER some sponged color and then finally..

... darkened the over all color of my western sunset, added my cacti, foreground..
some "embellies" and the rest of my wrangled up crafty good time!

And of course, when ALL was said and done, I did EXACTLY as instructed
by this card... I let OUT a big 'ol YEEEE HAAAWWWWW!

'Cause THAT'S how I roll!

I hope, hope, hope you'll join the WILD fun down there, round the ol'
Just Us Girls Corral -o- fun! It's shore to be a crafty-GRAND time! Yee Haw!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Waltzing Mouse Stamps
Ink - Stamping Up!
Embossing Ink - Tim Holtz/Ranger
Fiber - Claire's stash {Thanks, m'dear! xoxo!}
Charm - MY STASH!
Die Cut Shape - Wplus9 design studio
Embossing Powder - Stampin' Up!


Karen said...

Now this is an Elise card, if I ever saw one! (Though you've got me thinkin' about that Cat's Pajamas one from waaaay back in your early blogosphere days...yup, it was that wonderfully memorable! They're different, but I feel the sunset spark! :>) Love seeing those Claire stamps in rip roarin' Yeahaw action and you've seriously made me want to ink something! Hope you've got a good weekend ahead of you and we'll catch up soon! :>

Rosemary said...

YEEE HAW!!! what a fine, fine piece of Elise-workmanship!! you are making me want to get on a horse and ride off into the sunset!!! (but since i can't ride a horse... it wouldn't be pretty!! tee hee!)

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh *sigh*! I wanna ride off into that gorgeous sunset! LOVE that you laid down some color before embossing and then MORE great color on top! Just every bit o' Elise made western goodness wrapped up here. Get along little crafty doggie!

Rose said...

YEE HAW is right!! fantastic girl :)

Unknown said...

Oh how fabby!!! Great tutorial!!:)

Sandie said...

FAN.TAS.TIC!!! Thanks for the tutorial :)

Andrea M said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. My mouth is agape at this…this… SPLENDORIFIC ARTWORK!!! HOLY CROW! I love the scene and that you incorporated the emboss resist in the sunset…*sigh*. YEE HAW indeed my sweet friend! Reading the text on the card has me humming the tune to "Wide Open Spaces"… And then there's the boot charm - the cherry on top of your AMAZINGNESS!!! GORGEOUS inspiration!!! Not sure how you do it every week but you bring every challenge up to a whole new level!!! That IS how you roll :)
I do have to add that Wildcard is quite the handsome grey, with his dapples and dark mane…he's a looka!!!!

Brook said...

Wonderful card! I just LOVE it!!!

AKiteFlier said...

Yeeeeee Hawwwww - how could I RESIST saying that after scoping out your delicious challenge card?? I could sit and read your posts all day long - they are so colorful, expressive and FUN. I LOVE wildcard the horse - he's got that devilish stance that says "Bring it on" - he's NOT the one I want you to saddle up for me :-) Meanwhile back at the O-K Corral your stamping is spelndiferous - that sunset truly takes me back to the days in WY at the Dude ranch. What more can I say - Elise?! You ROCKED this one all the way home.

Terre said...

Elise your card looks just like the sunsets here in sunny Arizona, you rocked this card girl, love all the details and the amazing colors.

Kathryn B said...

This looks amazing Elise! Love how you layered the embossing for the sunset look! I can just feel the cowboy riding offf into the glorious sunset you've created! Love your lucky to have...sigh!

~amy~ said...

**most coolio** Your are the queen of fun stamping!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...


farmhouse-story said...

this is wonderful, elisa! thanks for the tut! wildcard is adorable!