Monday, April 11, 2011

Want 2 MAKE SOMTHIN' Easter-ish!?!

Hop, hop, hop ALONG with me ...

Down the trail-o-bling, you see! Want2Scrap makes me HAP-PY!?!
So won't you bling-a-long with ME!?!

That's right, friends! I tapped into some Easter BUNNY goodness to show off some
SERIOUSLY, bling-a-licious fun, with some of my FAVE Want2Scrap products!

For more SPARKLY details...


check out

my post... at the lovely Want2Scrap blog!

And for a little extra sugary dose of AMAZING designer-ish fun, I'm off to link up
this piece of Happy Easter sparkle with the EVER "TV" worthy,
CENTSATIONAL GIRL! Break out some bling and your craftiest seasonal wears
and join me, won't you!?! Bring your "peeps" and have some fun!

Yee Haw!

Supplies -

Eggs! - Mother Nature
Alcohol Ink - Tim Holtz/Ranger
BLING - Want2Scrap
D/P - Tim Holtz
Acrylic Gel Medium - Golden


Dana Gustafson said...

First of all...your blinged out easter eggs make me want to go on an egg hunt and to start hiding marshmallow peeps in the back of my fridge!

Secondly....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Oh I KNOW it's a tad early here on the pacific coast but as we's already your birthday in some time zones ;) and I just adore my friend too much to not send some birthday wishes your way RIGHT NOW! Celebrate today, tomorrow,'s wishing you a special birthday dear one!

Elise said...

Okay, you little sneak! {But I mean that in the BEST way!} Tears, giggling, AW SHUCKS, more tears and LOTS of swooning! YOU are amazing! What a HUGE, thoughtful and MOST delightful way to kick off this birthday.... AS you know... not too excited about the number, but after further review, a NICE fit, when I consider the time and wisdom it took for me to ecru the VERY best friends in the universe! I am HONORED {still TEARING!} and THRILLED! Thank you for organizing ALL of this wonderfulness - YOU and YOU allllllllllll {you KNOW who you are, and I will be BY shortly!!!!} ROCK! Thanks for helping me see this "number" and this event in a MUCH brighter way! So, here I go:


Karen said...

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! YOU Rock (and so does Dana!) and I do hope your day is filled with smiles & laughter with lots more to come all year long! :>:>

And as for your Eggs! Wowza! You're making even the Easter Bunny drool!! (Oh my word...Easter's almost here....either I need to slow down time or speed myself up!!)

Happy Birthday, friend! :>

itsallrosi said...

these eggs are adorable, and happy birthday!

Carol L said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Happy Birthday dear Elissssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu
And many moooooooooooooooooooooore!!!

Cough cough, Ok..........enough of that morning singing - I don't wanna burst your eardrums :)

Seriously, Happy Birthday my friend! I hope your day is sensational........much like these fabulous eggs are!! Oh my gosh, those images surrounded by bling are just incredible!! How do you come up with such fantastic ideas?! I LOVE them!
Wishing you a day filled with happiness and all of the things you love and deserve! Make it a fabulous day my friend :){{{hugs}}}

Andrea M said...

What an AMAZING, AWE-INSPIRING creation!!! These eggs are BEAUTIFUL!!! The vintage images just add to their fabulous charm!!! WOW girl! You are A-MAZING!!!
HAPPEEEE BIRTHDAYYYYY TOOOO YOOOOOOU!!!!! Hope your day (week, month, year) is filled with joy and all good things my friend!!!

~Tammy~ said...

This is just beautiful!!! Love this so much, but your creations rock everyones socks off, so this is no shocking statement!! Happy Birthday to you amazing you!!! Hope you have a totally fabulous and wonderful birthday!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Happy Birthday my special friend!!! Your eggs are sooo.. shall I say it??? EGG-stra sensational!!!!!!!!!!! Treasures!!! EGG-squisite!

But you?????? THE BOMB!!!! Love you!!!!

byAnnette said...

Happy Birthday ~*

Beth said...

"Bling it on"'re killin' me, girl!! hahaha!

Happy Birfday, again!

Rosemary said...

oh holey cow (or should i say "chicken"???)!! who would have thought that eggs could look so good??? well... YOU of course!!! as always... completely AMAZED by YOUR TALENT!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!! so incredibly glad to call you friend!!!

AKiteFlier said...

Happy Happy Birthday
May all your dreams come true
Happy Happy Birthday
From Stampin Pam to You!!!

How was THAT little diddy this mornin? Hey girl - I am over the moon crazy about your eggs - they are egg-ceptionally beautiful and blingolicious! Thanks for a great idea and have the most wonderful birthday ever - I don't know what "number" you are worried about but it can't be more than 29! :-)

Birthday hugs.

Cath said...

A little (Cathe)bird said it's your birthday.

Happy Birthday and wishes for many, many more!

Your eggs are just lovely and so delicate, what a talent.

Hope you do something special for your day.

Lisa Kind said...

What a beautiful display of Easter Eggs! You are so clever and crafty it makes me so envious! I'm hopping over to Want2Scrap to check out the deets!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! I'm so happy you are a makes for a fun time! I hope you enjoy your day with your family and don't worry about the numbers...they are just that...numbers! However, think of all you have accomplished in your years! AMAZING!

PS...I also love my April babies! It is a fun month full of great birthdays! ;-)

farmhouse-story said...

have an awesome bday, elise!! what a great way to highlight the bling! really cute idea:)

Cathe Holden said...

Happy Birthday Cowgirl! YOU ARE LOVED!!

Karen B. said...

Happy birthday to you! An excellent project today.

Heather Rogers said...

I love these blinged up eggs. They are so pretty. Are you going to keep them on display for Easter? I sure would.

Sue Lelli said...

Hi Elise, LOVE your eggs but most of all wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! HUGS! Sue

Dotty Jo said...

Belated birthday greetings to you my special friend! Great bling-a-licious project hun, so creative!!! Stay happy, big hugs, Jo x

Paula Parrish said...

Just love the eggs...what amazing work. If you have a minute check out my blog at
Thanks for sharing!
Smiles, Paula

deb famularo said...

happy birthday Elise!!!!! These eggs are gorgeous girl!!!! xoxoxo

Beth Devitt said...

I too would like to send happy birthday wishes to you. Your talent is amazing.

Jinny Newlin said...

These are BEAUTIFUL, Elise! Wow! Gorgeous bling, and I adore those sweet, vintage pics! And I never got to wish you a BIG Happy Birthday either! Hugs!