Saturday, August 27, 2011

Horses are running through the Want2Scrap Store!

How on EARTH did all these horses get in here?

Come, QUICK! There goes one, down the Nestabling™ isle!

And that one is HIDING, in the "Swirls" lane - LITERALLY, hiding!


Outlaws! WANTED folk!

Somebody SHAVE that Pony! WHAT on earth is going on?

SomeONE has raided the Want2Scrap™ store to finish the
INSIDE of this Nestaboard™ album, and I'll bet you KNOW
who!!!! - But I'll also BET you don't know WHAT SHE'S
ACTUALLY talking about... So, gallop yourself on over
to the place for blinged-out fun, and a WHOLE LOT MORE:

I'd be down right honored if you'd check out this action-packed
post in it's entirety over thar at that Want2Scrap™ inspiration headquarters! PLEEEEEZE! I'd be a humble pup if you checked
it ON out, friends- I'm spillin' some SUPER crafty secrets, so

And, THANK you, kindly!


Dotty Jo said...

This is just brilliant - only super talented YOU could have rustled up this fabulous creation! Jo x

Indy's Designs said...

Great Job! Headin' over to Want2Scrap.

Karen said...

Scrappy, papercrafty, horsey, kidlety, and so YOU!!! Love it! :>

TesaB said...

Ohhhh, looks awesome!!!! What a fun project!!!

Lisa Kind said...

Whenever I want to smile, I always come to your blog! You are just too funny Elise! I'm headin' on over to the Want2Scrap blog to see the rest!

Paula Parrish said...

Ah, I love mini albums. Yours is so awesome. I have made so many over the years, just love them. Smiles, Paula

Rosemary said...

fabby, blingy, wonderfully made mini album my friend!! yeee haw!!!

Carol L said...

You know if there's anything to do with horses, I'm there! What a great little book, and I love the photos you put in there along with the great stamped pages!! Awesome stuff here :)

Dana Gustafson said...

So cute! Your wee ones with good ol mister pony! What treasured memories to document in your special album. I need to get my album on soon, like now, like right away!