Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just US Girls - goin' back to school!

The bell has rung and it's THAT time already! BACK TO SCHOOL!

... I am not above bribing a teacher or two, to get that extra care
for my darling little progeny...{!} So, I made something to get her
attention! {Hee Hee} In fact, ALL the Jug-sters got their 3D school
craft ON, and we're hoping to dazzle and delight you into playing
along with US! No glasses required, but we're adding dimension
to some back to school gifties this week! Hope you'll join us!

I couldn't resist accessing my inner second-grader, so I turned
to my long lost friend, PAPER MACHE and a good, old school
poly styrene ball... {When's the last time you played like THAT?}

Chisel away at the lower quadrant of the ball to create a slight cone.
Using a sharp, paring knife, create the top indent for the stem,
anda smaller one at the bottom.

Create debits in the bottom of the apple
to accentuate the look of a real apple,
then cut off a slice, like THIS!

I used this delightful, Eco Green™ Gloss Medium to make a
shell from tissue paper, covering both the apple and slice.

I added a second layer of tissue using some 7Gypsies printed tissue,
so the text will peek though when complete. {THANK goodness, I
hoarded THAT back in the day! THEY STILL MAKE IT, but my stash
is a good 8 years old! GOT to love the "collector" in us all!}

Speaking of COLLECTING.... Salvaged children's board book {thanks, kids!},
some BRAND NEW {thanks Scrapbook Territory Road Trip!} Graphic 45 paper,
a FAVE old school drill punch and NAILS for a foundation for my wee-little apple...

Okay! SORRY! This is not a kid toy, nor some strange, early Halloween
craft! THIS, my friends, is HOW I'm going to keep my apples where
"they ought to be!" {Wizard of Oz humor! Can't help it! }

Here's hoping you're feeling a little healthier
after a bite of this crafty apple! - or at least, a little craftier!

But, wait! THERE IS MORE, so much more!


I'm grinnin' from ear to ear, just from knowing
that you stopped by my lovely orchard.. ur, uh,
I mean BLOG! I'm happy you stopped by my
BLOG! THANK you! I sure hope to see your
fine creation over at the Just Us Girls site!


Supplies -

D/P - Graphic45
D/TP - 7Gypsies
Acrylic Paint and Gloss Medium - EcoGreenCrafts


Andrea M said...

Oh. My. Word. Speechless…. Truly speechless… You are INCREDIBLE!!! I can't believe you made this BEAUTIFUL, YUMMY apple; and my goodness, it's even smiling!!!! Paper mache - you are a master of all media!!!

Lisa Kind said...

OMGosh! My little bookmarks are hiding in shame! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! You really are a master of all media as Andrea said! I'm speechless (in a good way)! Fabulous, Elise!

Rosemary said...

well.. that is one sweet, juicy and totally adorable apple!! and i agree with both lisa and andrea... you are the mistress of all media!!

TesaB said...

Holy cow!!!! What a fantastic project! Soooo coool, you are way creative and love your work!!!!

~amy~ said...

I'm soo very happy to have stopped by your merry orchard...your creativity is over the top fantastic!

AKiteFlier said...

Uhmmmmm what can I say? This is AMAZING, creative, WONDERFUL, awe-inspiring - well YOU get it. I have not played with paper mache since grade school or when I was teaching but WOWZA did you whip up something to make your child's teacher GRIN!! RIght down to the fabulous "face" you crafted. Never in two million years would I have thought of something like this - YOU are a one-in-two-million crafter!!! Whew - wow - uh huh!

Karen said...

OH MY STINKIN' CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! How did I miss this beautiful crafty piece of Back to School creative joy! :> This truly is so rockin' awesome, Elise! :>

~Tammy~ said...

Holy smokes girl is all I can say! I am at a loss for words! Your creativity shuts me down!

Carol L said...

This is one cool apple, and I just don't play like this anymore, but I do miss it! That face you added is just the cutest, most adorable face ever! What a fabulous, fun project!!

Dana Gustafson said...

THIS is why YOU are the

'nuf said!