Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to the Third Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop!

Hello out there, crafty friends!  This is a GREAT day to be in the blog-a-verse!
It is with a jubilant heart, that I get to share with you, an  inkalicious goodie that I 
have created with some of the juiciest, western images I have seen in a LONG 
time...This one will get yer' spurs spinin'! LOOK at the chaps on THEM cowboys!

Oooooow, doggies!  I have struck it rich in STAMP country!  It is with my chest puffed 
up in pride, that I confess to y'all that I am participating in a super crafty event, represent
-ing this FABULOUS stamp company, 100 Proof Press...   Y'er WELCOME, if you've 
not heard of them before, and if you have...   LUCKY yooooooou!  I can't EVEN recount 
to you, with proper emphasis, HOW DAZZLING a shopping trip through their numerous
images and quality red rubber, options-a-plenty and CREATIVE opportunity beYOND 
your wildest imagination, it was for this here, lil' lady... { I'm in L-O-V-E!}  Anywhoo, a fist 
full of some SUPER nostalgic & perfectly rendered images MADE MY CRAFTY adventure 
the stuff-o-legends, babies.  I'm DElighted! But enough about MY enthusiasm...    

Blog Hop details, down yonder:

Welcome to the Third Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop!! The 
best crafters, designers, and makers have come together to 
create and share  a series of thoughtful, handmade gifts 
for the holidays 
during this 3 day blog hop. Our goal is to inspire you to 
create something from the heart this holiday season as 
well as share how to use our products in fun, 
innovative ways. We intend this hop to serve as a resource 
to you for this holiday season and for years to come.

Hop along to each blog in the list. Each day, from 

November 1 through November 3, 2013, we’ll be posting a 
brand new list of blogs to hop to. 
Comment on each blog, share your favorite 
posts over social media, and then use the Rafflecopter 
widget at the bottom of each post to enter to win the 
Grand Prize, a gift basket filled with crafty swag from 
the companies on the hop! We’re ready to inspire, 
share, and create – are you ready to hop?

For more details, check out the MOTHERSHIP of stamps, 100 Proof Press and their BLOG!  
*Bonus!  You can read MORE about these lovely ladies...   {And tell 'em I sent ya!}

But wait: THERE'S MORE! 

Before you ride off into the sunset, just a few quick tips on my LOVE AFFAIR use of 
these great stamps and some tips on how to make a delightfully cloudy, masked sky!

1) Stamp first image {cowboys} onto vanilla cardstock.  Stamp again, with
 same image onto post-it note.  Cut out image and place it over original stamped
image.  Stamp sun burst image, slightly above cowboys.  Stamp again, onto new
post-it.  Fussy cut and place on original as shown in #1.

2) Create clouds by cutting cloud shapes from sticky panel of post-it note.  Place
as desired over stamped sun and cowboy scene.  With ColorBox® die ink, sponge
blue sky background over entire stamped surface, concentrating densest use of ink
across clouds and upper sky.  

3) Remove cloud masks.

4) Replace cloud masks, slightly lower and skewed to one side, then lightly sponge
 more blue or grey ink across where the mask and the white cloud meet.  Remove cloud
mask, once again, and then sponge with small dabs across the bottom of the cloud, trying to 
leave a small white rim. This gives the illusion of sunlight shining through and around
the cloud - the results are WORTH the effort.  Don't be afraid to do a practice piece! 
It's SO worth it!

Rafflecopter Details: 

I sure HOPE you'll think so, anyway...  But for NOW, I must mosey down the 
blog hop trail...  SURE HOPE you'll join me!  THANK you, so MUCH!  It was
great gettin' inky with ya'll!  Enjoy the view and HAPPY TRAILS!


Unknown said...

Great use of masks. Thanks for the tutorial.

Shari Czerwinski said...

Very nice card and the tags are cute! Thanks

Marisa said...

Yee Haw!! Great Western card and wonderful tags.

Evanis M. said...

This is a great idea for a "Cowboy Christmas" card for Father & Son.

Rozy said...

Love the cloud tutorial!

barbara macaskill said...

Love this card! You did an awesome job with all of your masking to create a very realistic scene!! I am going to have to check out 100 Proof Press because I love stamps! TFS!

Cindy said...

Your card is great and the cowboy stamp has some terrific detail to it. Thanks for sharing.

Amy* said...

The sky looks amazing! Yee-ha for this tutorial and your beautiful cards and tags :)


Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest said...

Love love love the cloud tutorial! Wow!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! Love it

Mickie said...

Great tutorial and being from Tx, I love the cowboys and horses!

Liz in Washington state said...

You got to love cowboys and this card is great, love the stamping tips. This card would make a great Thanksgiving card, also part of the holiday season.

Steph Ackerman said...

Great cards. Thanks for sharing.

Scrappin' Diva said...

Great use of masks. What a fun card!

The Hardy Stamper said...

Thanks for the tips on creating cloudy skies!

Wendy Jones said...

Really like the theme of the cards!

Katie said...

Beautiful work, I love that you showed us how all of the masking worked. Great card! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Viki Banaszak said...

What great stamps! I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Janis said...

Great masking!! Love the clouds and sun.
<3 J

Janis said...
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Debbie K. said...

Awesome card! Love your clouds and thanks for sharing with all of us.

Create Beauty with Laurajo said...

Howdy! You have provided one dang cute tutorial on masking and I thank ya from the bottom of my pea pickin' heart!! :) Truly luv them stamps, too. Thanks for that hook-up!

Unknown said...

Such fabulous stamping...thank you for the cloud technique!!!

Linda T said...

What an amazing western card. Thank you for showing how you worked with the masks. Just beautiful work. Thank you

Elaine coustley said...

Great work with masks.
Love your technique.x

Leigh Ann Hofferth said...

Cute card! And great stamps!

Beatrice Lawson said...

Love the masked clouds and your lovely vintagey colouring!

danette said...

Love the card!!!!

Teresa said...

love your cowboys! great card! thanks for sharing! t.igo

Unknown said...

Love how you made masks to create the card, and the way you colored it was really vintage..just great!