Friday, April 16, 2021

Cruisin The Boulevard, Salute to American Graffiti 2020 - Event Art painted by Elise Durenberger

2020 - the year that put the whole world on pause...

In Petaluma, California, the most filmed and featured backdrop for the iconic George Lucas movie, American Graffiti, and the home of a beloved annual car show, Cruisin' the Boulevard, the streets were silent and the crowds did not gather. The PAINTING for the event was, however, completed and will stand by for 2022 when HOPEFULLY we can once again fill the streets with finely tuned, perfectly (or imperfectly!) polished relics from more innocent days. My most ambitious effort yet, it features more automobile characters than even our 2015 piece, which was a celebration of the 10th year of the car show and had 10 different vehicles. The recent painting has 15 cars featured, including two that were not actually in the movie, but were owned by two of the original board members who started Petaluma's Salute back in 2005. I'm extremely proud of the relentless detail and perspective. As usual, I have dropped in many "Easter Eggs" and connections to the many years since the movie and in tribute to the celebration itself.  In spite of the pause, I will be thrilled when this piece graces the cover of the collectible program, posters, t-shirts and banners, etc. I am honored to present...
"The Fastest Car in the Valley'" by Elise A. Durenberger ©2020 Acrylic on Canvas

This origianl acrylic canvas piece @ 24 x 30" is available for sale. SOLD
For information on how to purchase this, pigment rag or canvas reproductions, please contact and definitely visit the Cruisin' The Boulevard website.

Happy Motoring! 

- Elise

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Carol L said...

What an awesome surprise to see a post from you after such a long time away from the blog! I just LOVE the painting as my hubs and I have always been from the muscle car generation and frequently visited car shows throughout our lives! He'll have the yellow coupe, and I'll have the white Chevy right behind the coupe! LOL I hope you're well and I'm glad you're still painting! Good to see you again - hugs!!